Dan Barker: God, the Judgmental Ghost

God, the Judgementa Ghost

"How happy can you be when you think every action and thought is being monitored by a judgmental ghost?"

- Dan Barker

Quote Source: Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist

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Quite happy if you don't care

Quite happy if you don't care what this judgmental ghost ultimately thinks of actions and thoughts or if you think its a fair judge I guess. it would be interesting to be this judging ghost because I guess you would also know everything that influenced these thoughts and actions. What a voyeur this ghost must be! Kind of kinky!

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Just smiling to myself over

Just smiling to myself over the mental image of a frowning, judgmental ghost :)

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I know this a somewhat

I know this a somewhat comical quote but this is the core reason why I left Christianity! I hated feeling ashamed for my actions over some "being" I had never seen or spoke to and ultimately had no connection with. When I realized this my future flashed before my eyes and I noticed if I continued to force myself to believe I would have an unhappy life full of shame and lack of control. Why would I live such a life?

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Your comment really gave me

Your comment really gave me some food for thought. I think this is the first time I have ever seen reference to someones future flashing before their eyes. I have heard people say their life flashed before their eyes but never the their futures. But i guess if your whole life flashes before your eyes then that would mean past present and future kind of like the story of A Christmas Carol. I guess it was wrong of me to think all these years of ones life flashing before their eyes to imply only their past life.

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Now that's some food for

Now that's some food for thought! The fact that every second of your life is being monitored would surely drive many people insane!

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Food for thought would be, if

Food for thought would be, if you thought that every second of your life was being monitored chances would be you were indeed insane!

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