God's Not Watching

God's Not Watching

God's not watching. He's too busy not saving sick children and letting people starve. But if He does exist, He's the one that should be doing the atoning, not you.

- Dr. John W. Thackery

Quote Source: The Knick, Season 1 Episode 8

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I would have thought that I

I would have thought that I had written this. If "god" can truly perform the miracles everyone says he can, then at the very least, he should be able to protect the children, especially from being molested in his own house of worship. You want to show me a " miracle," the next time a psycho like Adam Lanza decides to go into a 1st grade classroom and slaughter 21 children, I want to see that person struck down by the hand of god right in his tracks BEFORE he harms anyone. Or the next time one of these pedophile priests, or Rabbi's brings a child in a back room and ruins that childs life forever, I want to see him struck down by the hand of god BEFORE he performs his hideous act. When a maniac decides to go into a movie house, or shopping mall, and opens fire, killing several innocent people, I want to see THAT person struck down by the hand of god. That would show me a miracle, and that there is a possibility of someone "upstairs" watching what is going on. But unfortunately, we never see those kinds of miracles. tHE RELIGIOUS FACTION SPEAKS OF CRYING PICTURES, BLEEDING STATUES, and a body that is "perfectly prserved" without any help...but unfortunately, those kinds of "miracles" aren't helping anyone. You want to show me a miracle, and prove that their is a "man upstairs"...feed all the starving children...heal all the diseased children, shelter all the homeless children, let there be not one more abused, molested, or abandoned child...THEN, and ONLY then, would I say there may be a "higher power" that can do anything. There is too much terror, pain, and suffering of innocent people for there to be any being who is " watching over" things. If there WAS a god, he certainly has alot of explaining to do.

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