Indian Government BLOCKS Blasphemous Art Website

In mid-November 2021, it was discovered by Atheist Republic’s legal council in India that our site, has been blocked by the Ministry of Electronics and Information (MeitY) in India. This is the latest attempt from the Government of India to completely cut off Indian non-believers’ access to Atheist Republic, the largest community of atheists in the world. To ascertain which specific internet service providers have blocked this website, Atheist Republic has distributed a survey to all of our consulates (local meet-up groups) in India. Initial results reveal that the website is blocked for some users in Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal, and two other states.

CAPTION: Screenshot of the notice that appears when trying to access, provided by an Indian user.

The ban of follows being blocked to Indian users on many different internet service providers (ISPs) also upon the order of MeitY, Facebook blocking the Atheist Republic Facebook page to all Indian users upon order of the government, the personal Facebook page of Atheist Republic’s founder, Armin Navabi, being blocked to all Indian users upon government order, and the Delhi High Court ordering Twitter to remove many tweets pertaining to Hinduism from the Atheist Republic Twitter account.

Beyond the government of India itself, many private citizens have taken it upon themselves to judicially harass and target Atheist Republic in order to exert their Hindu-nationalist agenda. This includes, having police reports filed against our organization and our leadership, numerous legal complaints and threats of lawsuits, attempts to sue Facebook, Twitter, and the MeitY itself for hosting our content, and including our tweets as evidence in a case that will be heard before the Supreme Court of India that seeks to create a government censorship body that will remove “fake news” and “hateful content.”

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