The Taliban Returns to Atrocities: Public Executions & Torture

Two men in Afghanistan were forced to wear a full-length hijab traditionally worn by Afghan women as a form of public “humiliation,” amidst the Taliban’s growing suppression of human rights and implementation of more brutal executions and public punishments after seizing power more than a year ago.

Taliban Bans Contraception, Citing "Western Conspiracy to Control Muslims"

The Taliban has stopped the distribution of contraceptives in two of Afghanistan’s major cities, claiming that their use by women is part of a conspiracy by Western countries to control the Muslim population.

Taliban Revives Mass Whippings & Commits First Public Execution

Since ruling over Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban has intensified its punishments against those accused of various crimes, despite initial promises of respecting human rights and media freedom after taking over the country 15 months ago.

In perhaps the first public execution since the Taliban took power last year, a man was sentenced to death on December 7 in the western province of Farah, followed by a public flogging of 27 men and women in a soccer stadium in the northern region of Parwan.

Taliban Goes Full Sharia; Floggings, Amputations, Executions, & All

The Taliban instructed judges to fully implement their interpretation of Sharia law, which includes amputations, floggings, stonings, and public executions, a senior Taliban spokesperson said.