Girls Robotics Team Safely Flees Afghanistan, Receive Scholarship Offers

Humanity is indeed a young species. We arrived at a point in our civilization where old religions of past centuries hold out their claims in our culture. And the liberal ideas, growing and evolving, are still struggling to free themselves from the remnants of the dark ages. Afghan Dreamers are pushed to escape their homeland and dream outside Afghanistan.

Last Jew in Afghanistan Refuses to Grant Wife a Jewish Divorce

For the past 1,500 years, Jews have maintained their presence in Afghanistan. But with the endless conflicts unfolding in these arid Central Asian regions, Jews started an unhurried exodus. With the Afghan government ensuring that their citizenship will not be revoked, Afghan Jews began immigrating to other countries. By 1996, there were roughly 5000 Jews left in Afghanistan.

Taliban Takeover: Kabul Removes Images of Women From Storefront Displays

On August 15, 2021, Afghanistan's capital fell to the Taliban. As the city falls, the country's president abandoned the presidential palace, joining Afghans' exodus scrambling to leave the country. Heavily armed Taliban fighters started setting checkpoints and occupying the government district. Ultimately, the Taliban entered the presidential palace.