Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

'Lesbian Love Jihad' Sparks Mass Protest in India

Since the “love jihad” conspiracy theories started spreading in India due to the rise of right-wing Hindu nationalism, many Muslim men were targeted in the country for allegedly luring Hindu women into Islam via love and marriage. But in a bizarre plot twist, a Muslim woman was accused of love jihad after allegedly running off with another girl.

"Flood Jihad;" The Conspiracy that Muslims Manufactured Devastating Floods

As tensions rose between the religious communities of India, yet another anti-Muslim conspiracy theory became a heated topic of discussion. The "Flood Jihad" conspiracy claims that the Muslim community of Assam is responsible for the disastrous floods the state has seen in the past months. At least five Muslim men were accused and arrested as the conspiracy theory became viral on social media platforms.

"Love Jihad" Conspiracy Theory Disproven by New Government Data

A recent study conducted by the Indian national government demystified the narrative of a replacement theory peddled by Hindutva figureheads.

Like their American counterparts, extreme right-wing nationalists in India are convinced that Muslims are taking over their country. And that Indians are being slowly ousted from their rightful place, despite being the majority.

Hardline Hindus Attack Catholic School for "Converting Children"

On Monday, December 6, a mob of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) members, two notoriously militant right-wing Hindu groups, attacked St. Joseph’s School in Ganj Basoda, India. The incident happened around 12:10 at noon when more than 300 protesters started gathering outside the school’s compound.

The attack happened while the school was administering exams for their grade 12 students.

“Spit Jihad;” the Latest Anti-Muslim Accusation from Hindu-Nationalists

On Monday, November 15, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and several right-wing media shared a seven-second video of what they call “evidence of Thook Jihad.” Hardline right-wing groups in India are using the video and several other similar footages to accuse Muslim minorities of attacking Hindus by spitting on their food.

Pastor Calls to Turn Small Town into Christian Theocracy

On Tuesday, November 2, The Guardian published an article detailing their investigation into an ultra-conservative evangelical church in Moscow, Idaho. Christ Church of Moscow is known for its ultra-conservative ideologies. The Guardian reported that Christ Church’s leadership has openly announced their desire to establish a theocracy.