Dr. Leo Igwe on Religion’s Influence on Nigerian Education

Dr. Leo Igwe in AllAfrica states that the influence of religion on education and learning within Nigeria is net negative.

Dr. Igwe talks about the ways in which the religious organizations within the country formed the construction and foundation of educational institutions throughout Nigeria. He notes the Christian and Islamic proselytizers introducing formal educational institutions within Nigeria.

Atheist Republic Summary: Man Sacrifices Daughter for God & More


David Parnham has been arrested after creating a document titled, “Punish a Muslim Day”. He challenged people to harm Muslims in various way, telling them they would be awarded with points if they did things like verbally assault Muslims, or take off a woman’s head covering.

In India, a 26-year-old Muslim man slit his daughter’s throat after claiming he saw the devil and wanted to appease Allah. While denying allegations and trying to blame a cat for his daughter’s death, he later confessed to slitting her throat.