Indonesian Ex-Muslim Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for Criticizing Islam

On April 6, a Christian Youtuber in Indonesia was sentenced to ten years in prison for allegedly posting offensive videos. According to the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCA News), prosecutors insisted on the 10-year jail sentence.

The 56-year-old Muhammad Kace, a former Muslim cleric who converted to Christianity, has uploaded at least 450 videos on his Youtube channel. AS of the writing of this article, Kace’s videos are still available.

Indonesian Muslim Groups Demand That Holocaust Exhibition Be Closed

A recently opened Holocaust museum in Indonesia's North Sulawesi province is causing an outcry from conservative Muslims and Islamic scholar groups. The groups are demanding that the permanent exhibition and museum dedicated to the horrors of the Holocaust be closed.

Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, head of foreign relations and international cooperation of the country's Indonesian Ulema Council, said they demanded that the exhibition stop and cancel the museum.

Indonesian Woman Caned 100 times For Adultery

By Abdulla Gaafarelkhalifa

On January 13, a couple involving an adult male and an adult female, after being charged with adultery in the Aceh province of Indonesia, were punished with public lashings.

The man, who refused to confess to the accusation, received 15 lashes, while the woman, who did confess, received an overwhelming 100. The amount of lashes was so excruciating that she needed a break at one point before continuing on.

Indonesian Woman Says She Was Impregnated By A “Gust of Wind'

Police in Indonesia opened an investigation involving a woman’s peculiar case of bearing a child at the local clinic. Authorities are examining the odd details of her claim that she was impregnated only an hour earlier by a “gust of wind.” 

The young woman, Siti Zainah (age 25), recently gave birth to a baby girl in Cianjur, a town within Indonesia’s southern province of West Java.