Uncovered: Iran's Brazen Attempt to Assassinate A Random Israeli in Peru

Authorities in Peru arrested an Iranian citizen who is reportedly a member of the Quds Force after he allegedly plotted to kill an Israeli citizen in the country.

Iranian Cleric Creeps on Breastfeeding Mother: Gets Instant Karma

A video of a fight between a young woman and an Islamic cleric in Iran went viral on social media after she caught the cleric filming her holding her baby while her hijab was loose in a clinic.

Islamic Republic Amputates 4 Fingers of Accused Iranian Thief

After being accused of stealing five sheep from a farm owned by a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), an Iranian prisoner has had four of his fingers amputated, while the prisoner denies the accusations.

The American P*rn Star that Loves Iran's Mullahs

An American porn star has made a lot of noise on social media after her recent trip to Iran, where she posted photos of herself covered from head-to-toe while visiting numerous landmarks in the country’s capital Tehran, including the former US Embassy.

Islamic Republic's Biker Gang: Iran Taps Hell's Angels to Kill Dissidents

The United States Treasury Department announced that the United States and Britain imposed sanctions on a network of people who targeted Iranian dissidents, defectors, and opposition figures for assassination upon Iran’s orders, including members of a notorious outlaw motorcycle gang.

Exposed: Iran's Covert Mission to Spread Antisemitism in UK Schools

The UK’s charity regulator is investigating videos of antisemitic speeches given by former Iranian generals to British students, as well as footage of "death to Israel" chants at the British premises of an Islamic charity.

Iran Executes Another “Women, Life, Freedom” Protester

Just weeks after two Iranian women were given harsh sentences for refusing to follow Iran’s strict and mandatory hijab law, another protester was put to death for allegedly killing a policeman during a protest near Tehran in 2022 amidst the massive demonstrations against the regime after the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran’s morality police.