Iran's Stricter Hijab Bill Faces Islamic Hard-Liner Backlash for "Leniency"

To show that it remains keen on enforcing its mandatory Islamic dress code laws, the Islamic Republic of Iran is pushing for a new, stricter hijab bill that will impose harsher punishments against women who are not wearing the religious headscarf and those who encourage them not to wear the hijab.

The new proposal was slammed by activists and Iranians opposing the regime. Hardliners and pro-government supporters also criticized the new bill for being too lenient and saying it doesn’t go far enough.

Iran Executes 3 Protesters for "Enmity Against God"

Three men in Iran accused of killing three members of the country’s security forces were executed by the Islamic Republic on May 19th, sparking massive protests across the country and drawing condemnation from various governments and human rights organizations.

The Tasnim news agency and the website of Iran’s judiciary confirmed the executions of 30-year-old Majid Kazemi, 36-year-old Saleh Mirhashemi, and 37-year-old Saeed Yaqoubi on the dawn of May 19th at the Dastgerd prison in the city of Isfahan, located in central Iran.

Iran's Hijab Rule: No Veil, No Vehicle

Iran continues to strictly enforce its mandatory hijab laws, despite massive pushback from many Iranians. This time, the Islamic Republic released a new rule for drivers, ordering female passengers and drivers to wear hijabs while inside their vehicles or risk impoundment.

Fars News Agency, the state-owned news network connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), released a video explaining this new directive on April 17th as part of a broader campaign to further implement its mandatory dress code amidst increasing pressure and opposition from many Iranians.

Iranians Forced to Remove Hijab-Free Photos from Graves

With many Iranians pushing back against the mandatory hijab laws implemented by the Islamic Republic, it seems the Islamic Republic will continue pushing women to wear hijabs, even after their death.

The Iranian government forced a family in Kermanshah, west of Iran, to remove the picture of their deceased daughter from her tombstone because she was not wearing a hijab.

Iran in Turmoil: Islamic Cleric Assassinated in Brazen Daylight Attack

As the protests against the Islamic Republic in Iran enter their eighth month after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 under police custody, many in the country are shocked to learn about the assassination of a senior cleric in a bank on April 26.

Iranian Clerics' War on Hijab-lessness: Businesses Closed & Jobs Lost

As Iran’s government continues to crack down on dissent against its mandatory hijab laws and enforce them more strictly, the policy created an unintended negative economic consequence: Massive unemployment among tens of thousands of Iranians.

The considerable loss of jobs comes as the Islamic Republic closed down at least 2,000 businesses in March alone after women refused to comply with its mandatory hijab rules, resulting in tens of thousands losing their jobs.

Hijab Defiance in Iran: Foreign Spies Blamed for Women's Resistance

The Islamic Republic has recently unveiled new plans to further impose its strict mandatory hijab laws despite massive backlash from Iranian women after the death of Mahsa Amini last September 2022, promising to further crackdown on dissent against the rule.

Some of these proposed policies include setting up hijab enforcement groups in the stations of the Tehran metro, which would ban any woman not wearing a headscarf from entering and effectively ban them from going to work or school.

Attacked with Yogurt & Arrested: The Dangers of Not Wearing Hijab in Iran

Iranian authorities arrested a mother and her daughter for not wearing hijabs after a man threw a tub of yogurt at them for not wearing headscarves.