LGBT Activists Sentenced to Death by Iran for "Spreading Corruption"

Two LGBTQ rights activists were sentenced to death in Iran for allegedly promoting homosexuality. Activists Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani and Elham Chobdar were charged with “Corruption on Earth,” a vague yet lethal charge.

The Urmia Revolutionary Court handed the ruling in Urmia City, western Iran, close to its borders with Turkey.

"Cleansing Society:" Iran's Insidious New Emboldened Forced Hijab Policy

Continuing the crackdown on women, Iran’s Headquarters for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has released a 119-page document outlining new rules women must now observe. 

IranWire called the new order, titled Hijab and Chastity Project, unhinged, calling out its most important goal: "cleansing society of the pollution caused by nonconformance with Islamic dress codes." 

Iranian Media Says Women Don't Like Chador Because It's "Too Expensive''

On July 9, the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) owned Fars News Agency published an article that stated that the country’s women were not against wearing the “preferred” black chador but simply could not afford one. On July 16, the news agency repeated the assertion in an article titled “Why Black Chador Isn’t Sold at Government Prices.”

Armed Gunman Stalks Iranian-American Dissident Journalist

A man in Brooklyn was arrested on July 25th after being found armed with a loaded AK-47-type assault rifle outside the home of Iranian journalist and women's rights activist Masih Alinejad.

Alinejad, an Iranian expatriate and women's rights advocate living in New York, has long been a target of the Islamic Republic of Iran for her criticism of the regime in Tehran.

Child Marriage Survivor Executed for Murdering Husband in Iran

On July 27, the execution of three women was carried out in Iranian prisons. The accused women were all convicted and charged with killing their husbands. These three women were part of a recent execution spree that took the lives of 32 people in a single week.

Soheila Abedi, Faranak Beheshti, and Senobar Jalali were victims of forced marriages.