Anti-Hijab Civil Disobedience Leads to Arrest of Iranian Women

Amid an intense campaign of the Iranian government on the proper and strict wearing of the hijab, arrests of protesters, mainly women activists, have also started to increase.

Under Iran’s 1980 Islamic Sharia law, women are obliged to cover or disguise their figures by wearing long, loose-fitting clothes, ensuring that this also covers their hair. Women who violate this dress code are met with public rebuke, fines, and even arrests.

Iranian Filmmakers Arrested in Rapid Succession Amidst Religious Crackdown

On July 11, Jafar Panahi, one of the most influential Iranian filmmakers, was taken into custody. He is the third director to be arrested in less than a week in Iran. He was arrested after he went to the prosecutor's office with his colleagues and lawyers to investigate why his fellow filmmakers, Mohammad Rasoulof and Mostafa Al-e Ahmad, were detained.

Iranian Teen Girl Honored Killed by Father For "Laughing with Boy at Park"

An honor-based family murder in a small town in the Fars province of Iran has once again sparked debates on the lack of laws to prevent “honor-killing” in Iran.

On June 27, the father of Ariana Lashkari shot the sixteen-year-old girl in the chest with a hunting rifle for allegedly laughing with a boy at a park, which he considered a disgrace to the family.

Moral Panic: Teens Arrested in Iran After "Hijab-less" Skating Event

The police have arrested several teenage girls in Shiraz, Iran, for not wearing a hijab at a "Skateboarding Day" event. Shiraz police chief Faraj Shojaee said that several girls took off their hijabs at the end of the sporting event, breaking the country's religious beliefs and legal norms. The police have also arrested several of the organizers.