Blasphemous Video Sparks Protest of Thousands in Mali

On November 4, thousands of Muslims protested in Mali’s capital, Bamako, against a “blasphemous” video on social media.


UK Government Drops Plan To Officially Define Islamophobia

The UK government quietly abandoned plans to create an official definition of Islamophobia. This action comes after promises to officially define the term three years ago amid mounting pressures to take action on hate crimes against Muslims and the scandals allegedly exposing Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

This event also comes as the UK will mark the beginning of the tenth Islamophobia Awareness Month, an annual campaign set by various British Muslim organizations in 2012.

Indian Man Arrested for "Insulting the Prophet Muhammad"

On October 12, a man identified as Jay Prakash Mohanty was arrested in Uttarakhand, India, for social media posts insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

Thirty-year-old Mohanty, a contract worker, was arrested by Naugaun Police after receiving a written complaint about his Facebook posts. Demonstrations were also held outside police headquarters, demanding action.

According to the police, “Evidence was found of controversial posts by Mohanty in Facebook slandering not only Prophet Mohammad but Gods of other religions too.”