"Hopeless Situation;" Attacks on Christians in Nigeria Explode in Frequency

On September 17, a pastor and dozens from his congregation were kidnapped from a Christian church in northwest Nigeria. Less than a week before, fifty-seven Christians were kidnapped at another church in a north-central state. In fact, the last few years have shown a marked increase in attacks and abductions in the country of both Christian church members and their clergy.

1 in 3 Southeast Asian Muslims are more Religious than their Parents

Southeast Asia is home to 250 million Muslims. According to a new report, 1 in 3 consider themselves more religious than their parents.

“The New Muslim Consumer” was released on September 21 by the marketing, research, and advertising company Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. The report explores how religious observance affects consumer market trends.

Surveillance of Muslim MPs Advocated for by VP of Greek Parliament

A Muslim Member of the Greek Parliment now faces a threat of thorough surveillance for national security reasons. New Democracy deputy parliament speaker said, "If a Muslim MP might give information to [Turkey], from where migrants can enter the country, why should he not be checked [surveilled]? Here national security takes precedence."

Anti-Hijab Iranian Activist Sentenced to Over Three Years Imprisonment

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran handed down a verdict of more than three years to an Iranian women's rights activist for protesting the hijab.

Twenty-two-year-old Melika Qaragozlu has been sentenced to three years and eight months in jail and fined 8 million tomans (US$ 246.59) for protesting against the mandatory hijab rules of the country.

Egypt Adds Sex Education Into Curriculum to “Stop Homosexuality”

Egypt has decided to introduce sexual education courses into the primary education curriculum. Although on the surface, this may seem highly progressive for the middle-eastern country, its main aim is to stop the spread of "homosexuality." Homosexuality is considered "deviant" behavior and extremely frowned upon in the country.

Denmark Proposes Hijab Ban in Elementary School, Backlash Ensues

On September 12, The Danish Commission for the Forgotten Women's Struggle, an organization of Denmark's ruling Social Democratic Party, announced a proposal to ban hijabs for students across Danish elementary schools. They believe that banning hijabs in elementary schools will put a stop to religious discrimination and promote equality.

On August 24, the proposal was approved by the Social Democratic Party, which reviews the policies of many European countries. It is one of the nine recommendations to prevent "honor-related social control" of women from minority backgrounds.

Hindu-Muslim Mob Violence Flares Tension in The United Kingdom

Communal tensions erupted in Leicester city, United Kingdom, in reaction to a cricket match. The match between India and Pakistan on August 28 in the Asia Cup is said to have sparked numerous protests, some of which turned very violent. While which side started the violence is highly debated, community leaders have called for calm as animosity between the Hindu and Muslim groups persists.