Egypt Proposes Law That Would Ban Journalists From Talking About Religion

On Sunday, February 20, an Egyptian lawmaker proposed a law that will ban "non-specialist" journalists from discussing religion. The proposal responds against Ibrahim Issa's statement on February 18, dismissing the Prophet Muhammad's ascension.

Tarek Radwan, head of the Human Rights Committee of the Egyptian Parliament, proposed the law draft. Ali Gomaa, of the parliament's Religious Affairs Committee, signaled his support for Radwan's proposal.

Kuwait Strikes Down Anti-Trans Law!

On Wednesday, February 16, the constitutional court of Kuwait overturned Article 198 of the country's penal code. Introduced in December 2007, Article 198 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code criminalizes "imitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex."

The law effectively criminalizes transgender, creating a hostile environment for transgender individuals in Kuwait.

Amid Hijab Row in India, Sikh Girl Asked to Take Off Her Turban

A 17-year old Amritdhari Sikh girl was allegedly asked to take off her turban while attending class in Mount Carmel College in Palace Vasanth Nagar. The incident is part of the ongoing controversy involving students’ religious garments.

Last year, six Muslim female students were barred from joining their classes after refusing to take off their hijab.

Oklahoma Bill to Allow Teachers to be Sued for "Opposing Religious Beliefs"

Rob Standridge, a Republican Senator from Oklahoma, has introduced a stupefyingly callous, religiously inspired bill to the Oklahoma senate. Known as the Students' Religious Belief Protection Act, the bill seeks to penalize educators who oppose students' "closely held religious beliefs."