LGBTQ Rights

Uganda’s Death Sentence for Homosexuals: 'Kill the Gays' Law Now Legalized

After the Ugandan legislature proposed a shocking anti-LGBTQIA+ law that would further criminalize homosexuality and punish anyone found promoting LGBTQIA+ causes or providing shelter to known LGBTQIA+ members, the President of the Christian-majority African nation signed the bill into law, drawing condemnation from international bodies and leaders.

New Report Reveals the Declining Role of Religion in American Society

A new report from a non-profit and non-partisan research center reveals that fewer Americans see religion's importance in their lives than a decade ago, showing how the religious landscape in the United States has changed dramatically.

Drag Queen Nuns Disinvited from Baseball Event After Catholic Backlash

After receiving backlash from Catholic leaders and conservative politicians, the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to call off its invitation to a group of drag nun performers for its LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16th.

United Against Love: Indian Religious Leaders Unite Against Gay Marriage

In a rare display of unity amongst India’s major religions, leaders from the country’s Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and Jain communities join hands with Hindu nationalist groups in opposing calls to recognize same-sex marriage in the country.

This move comes as India’s Supreme Court hears petitions filed by various LGBTQIA+ organizations in the country, pleading to legalize same-sex marriage. These petitions were filed around five years after a landmark case in 2018 that decriminalized homosexuality in India.

Parents Try to Ban the Bible from School Shelves for "Indecent” Material

A parent in Utah challenged the Bible under a state law that bans “pornographic or indecent” material in schools, which had been used to remove books written by black and LGBTQIA+ authors from shelves.

Christian Leader Blames Gay Sex, Abortion, & Porn for New Zealand Cyclone

A New Zealand church leader is under fire for suggesting that Cyclone Gabrielle, a storm that recently devastated New Zealand and parts of Australia, was caused by homosexuality and pornography.

Catholic Group Spent Millions to Out Priests As Gay Using Dating Apps

A conservative, Colorado-based Catholic group reportedly spent millions of dollars to gather information and identify priests who use gay dating apps and share those data with bishops nationwide.

UK Islamic Charity Under Fire for Urging Followers to Pray Against LGBT

An Islamic charity in the UK was criticized for sharing a post on social media against the LGBTQIA+ community, urging followers to pray for protection against them.

Uganda Proposes New Legislation to Ban Homosexuality

Ten years after Uganda proposed the death penalty for homosexual acts, the East African nation is seeking to pass new legislation to criminalize homosexuality further, endangering the lives of the country’s LGBTQIA+ community members.

Introduced by Member of Parliament Asuman Basalirwa, the country’s new “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” would sentence anyone accused of “lesbianism, gay, transgender, queer or any other sexual or gender identity contrary to the binary categories of male and female” to ten years in prison.