LGBTQ Rights

Betrayed by Diversity? Pride Flags Banned in First Muslim-Majority US City

When the city of Hamtramck in Michigan elected the first Muslim-majority city council in the United States in 2015, many liberals celebrated not just because of the international attention it gathered but because it demonstrated the strength in diversity and showed a strong response to the Islamophobic rhetoric that was then central to the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Trans Ban Wreaks Havoc on Spider-Verse: Arab Countries Snub Marvel Film

Since its release, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse received critical acclaim from moviegoers and critics, grossing over $494.7 million and earning an average rating of 8.6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. But even though the film was received well by fans and reviewers, one part of the world decided not to release the movie in its cinemas.

Christians & Muslims Unite in Forcing Kids into Anti-LGBT Protest

An unusual alliance was formed between Muslims and far-right, conservative Christians in Canada, where they protested against “gender ideology” and attacked a local school board in Ottawa after providing support for LGBTQIA+ students.

United by Love: Taiwan's Step Toward Equality With LGBT Adoption Rights

After making history as the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, the self-ruling island of Taiwan made another milestone in LGBTQIA+ rights when it allowed LGBTQIA+ couples to jointly adopt a child neither of them are related to, marking another first in a region where gay rights are largely repressed or ignored.

Banning the Bible in Utah Schools: A Parent's Demand Sparks Outrage!

Almost three months after an unnamed parent from Utah submitted a book challenge to a school district last March requesting to remove the Bible from bookshelves in schools using a state law that prohibits “pornographic or indecent” materials in schools, the district responded by banning the religious book in elementary and middle school libraries.

Saudi Female Influencer Faces Unimaginable Penalty for Advocacy Posts

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested and jailed a popular female fitness instructor for her posts on social media, becoming the latest victim of the crackdown against dissent in the Muslim-majority kingdom.

Uganda’s Death Sentence for Homosexuals: 'Kill the Gays' Law Now Legalized

After the Ugandan legislature proposed a shocking anti-LGBTQIA+ law that would further criminalize homosexuality and punish anyone found promoting LGBTQIA+ causes or providing shelter to known LGBTQIA+ members, the President of the Christian-majority African nation signed the bill into law, drawing condemnation from international bodies and leaders.

New Report Reveals the Declining Role of Religion in American Society

A new report from a non-profit and non-partisan research center reveals that fewer Americans see religion's importance in their lives than a decade ago, showing how the religious landscape in the United States has changed dramatically.