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Should Clovis be the Top USDA Scientist?

Sam Clovis

Sam Clovis, Donald Trump's pick to be chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture, has argued that homosexuality is a choice. His nomination has drawn criticism from Senate Democrats, who argue his lack of scientific background makes him unqualified for the USDA post overseeing science. Clovis has described climate research as "junk science", and in 2014 told Iowa Public Radio that he is skeptical about climate change.

Chilean Pastor Insulted LGBT People but He Used a Wrong Flag

Chilean Pastor

Javier Soto, self-proclaimed pastor from Chile, insulted LGBT people on TV when he used a rainbow flag and put it under his feet. He didn’t realize that the flag was the wrong one —  it actually represented the city of Cusco, Peru. Soto called the rainbow cloth he stepped on “a filthy rag.” He said: “I’m cold on my feet, so we’re going to put a rug in. This is a rug that I use in the shows I’m doing. This is the filthy rag I’m going to put here to do the show. This is a filthy rag that I always use.”