Hidden Crisis in China: Why Are the Uyghurs Drawing Xi Jinping's Attention?

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a surprise visit to Xinjiang, where he urged officials in the region to conserve the “hard-won social stability” that it is enjoying and deepen efforts to control “illegal religious activities” in Xinjiang.

Charlie Hebdo Takes Aim: Denmark's Controversial Blasphemy Law Under Fire!

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper known for being targeted by two Islamist terrorists that saw 12 people killed and 11 injured in January 2015, criticized the Danish government after it proposed a new law banning religious books such as the Quran from being desecrated.

Quran Burner Assaulted by Woman with Fire-Extinguisher in Sweden

A woman was arrested and detained by authorities in Sweden on August 18th after attempting to stop another Quran-burning demonstration, this time outside the Iranian Embassy in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, by the notorious Iraqi protester and refugee Salwan Momika by spraying him with a fire extinguisher.

Al-Qaeda Calls For Revenge On Sweden & Denmark For Quran Desecrations

Al-Qaeda, the militant, Islamist, and terrorist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, called upon its supporters and Muslims worldwide to carry out terror attacks in Sweden and Denmark to "take revenge" for the series of Quran-burning protests conducted in the two Nordic countries over the past few months.

No Hijab, No Healthcare: Iran's Shocking New Measure

Health authorities in northern Iran released a new edict, ordering that women who don’t wear their hijab correctly or have no headscarf should be denied healthcare. This sparked strong reactions among Iranian netizens and prominent Iranian figures and activists.