American ISIS Fighter Raps About Killing Catholics

Federal prosecutors in the United States unsealed a complaint against a naturalized American citizen born in Somalia charged with joining a terrorist organization and providing it with material support, including rapping about flying to “shoot New York up.

UK Doctor Suspended for Leading Banned Islamist Group

Almost a week after the British government finally banned one of the most controversial Islamist organizations in the world, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has suspended a general practitioner (GP) from a town in Greater London who heads the group.

Terror on Christmas Eve: Gunmen's Deadly Assault in Nigeria Leaves 150 Dead

As many people around the world celebrate the Christmas season and the upcoming New Year, Nigerians are shocked and outraged after a massive armed attack in central Nigeria that saw 160 people dead and more than 300 others injured, with the number of dead and injured still expected to rise as families and authorities continue to search for the missing victims.

Hamas Terror Ring Busted in Germany and Netherlands

A cross-border Hamas plot was busted after authorities in Germany and the Netherlands arrested four men suspected of being part of the terror ring. German prosecutors said the plot was meant to obtain weapons to target Jewish institutions all over Europe.

US Muslim Leader Cheers Gaza Massacre: White House Slams CAIR

An American Muslim leader is under fire for his remarks after he expressed how “happy” he was to see those in Gaza “break the siege” on October 7, when thousands of Hamas terrorists burst through the enclave’s border with Israel, killing 1,200 Israelis and taking over 240 people hostage.