Birthplace of Martyrs: The Afghan Valley that Idolizes Its Suicide Bombers

The transition from insurgency to governance was never easy for the Taliban when it seized power in Afghanistan after a coalition of foreign forces led by the United States fled in 2021.

Some of the Taliban’s fighters were so used to jihad and fighting they reportedly felt bored when they had to switch their weapons to paperwork. In an Afghan valley that raised some of the organization’s best and most ardent fighters, some regret that they haven’t fulfilled their duties as suicide bombers for the Taliban.

Gift Cards for Terrorists: How an 18-Year-Old Tried to Fund ISIS!

A teen from the United States was arrested for allegedly providing financial support to someone he thought was a supporter of the Islamic State through gift cards, which were intended to fund a supposed war on nonbelievers.

Islamic Leader Claims Mossad Used Prostitute to Kill Historic Imam

An Iraqi Islamic leader claimed that the Israeli Mossad used a prostitute in the 7th century to kill the first Shia Imam, adding that the Israeli-Jewish intelligence agencies use money and women to achieve their goals.

Several Iraqi Twitter accounts posted a video of Qais Al-Khazali making these claims while speaking in public. Al-Khazali is the leader of the Asaib Ahl Al-Haqq, a radical Iraqi Shia political party and paramilitary group backed by Iran.

14 Accused of Terrorism in Trial Over French Teacher's Beheading

More than two years after an Islamic extremist murdered and beheaded a French secondary school teacher in October 2020, French prosecutors sought to convict 14 suspects related to the crime. This incident shocked France and the world.