Turkish Sex-Cult Leader Sentenced to 8,658 years in Prison

A sex cult leader has been sentenced to 8,658 years in prison for the charges of sexual assault and depriving someone of their liberty after a retrial in Turkey.

Bus Driver's Refusal to Stop for Muslim Prayers Sparks Outrage in Turkey

A long-distance bus passenger in Turkey complained on Twitter that the driver refused to stop so he could pray, sparking a conversation about the majority Muslim nation and its secular constitution.

Four Arrested in Turkey Over LGBT Kaaba Art

Four students, who attend Istanbul's Bogazici University in Turkey, were arrested due to artwork depicting LGBT rainbow symbols alongside an image of Islam’s most sacred site, the Kaaba.

Some news outlets report the indistinct description of “LGBT rainbow symbols” alongside the Kaaba. To be more precise, four different flags were portrayed in each corner, featuring the iconic rainbow flag, and three others individually representing the lesbian, transexual, and asexual community.