Arrested for Looking Gay? How a Crop Top Landed a Man in Turkish Prison

A man from Portugal was arrested by Turkish authorities and was imprisoned because he "looked gay” and wore a crop top, exposing him to horrendous conditions and human rights violations during his time in jail.

Controversy in Turkey as Religious Body Approves Marriage to Quake Orphans

Turkey’s top religious body is under fire for issuing a fatwa that it is permissible for adopted children to marry their adoptive parents as the country tries to recover from a devastating earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people.

Bigoted Israeli Rabbi Calls Deadly Turkey-Syria Earthquake “Divine Justice"

As the world grieves over the loss of life and property after the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, a top national Israeli rabbi stirred controversy by describing the disaster as “divine justice.

Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Safed in northern Israel and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, wrote an article for the Olam Katan, a conservative, religious, and right-wing weekly newsletter.

Criminal Trial Exposes Child Marriage Practices in Turkey

A Turkish woman’s parents and husband are now on trial for child and sexual abuse charges after she was forced to marry her husband when she was six years old, bringing attention to religious sects in the Muslim-majority country.

Imam's Demand that Wives Must Accept "Invitations to Bed" Sparks Outrage

A Turkish mufti (Muslim religious scholar) was under fire from Turkish Cypriots for suggesting that women should fulfill their duty to their husbands by accepting their “invitation to bed,” believing that his statement was a sign of imported encroachment of fundamentalist Islam in their secular community.

Turkish Sex-Cult Leader Sentenced to 8,658 years in Prison

A sex cult leader has been sentenced to 8,658 years in prison for the charges of sexual assault and depriving someone of their liberty after a retrial in Turkey.

Bus Driver's Refusal to Stop for Muslim Prayers Sparks Outrage in Turkey

A long-distance bus passenger in Turkey complained on Twitter that the driver refused to stop so he could pray, sparking a conversation about the majority Muslim nation and its secular constitution.