United Kingdom

Historic: UK Woman Sentenced for Facilitating Female Genital Mutilation

A woman was arrested and jailed in the United Kingdom for assisting a person in carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on a three-year-old British girl during a trip to Kenya.

The Shocking Reality of Islamist Violence Against British Politicians

British Member of Parliament Mike Freer has announced that he will not seek re-election in the upcoming general elections in the United Kingdom, which will likely be held in 2024 or January 2025.

Brutal Acid Attack Shocks the UK; Suspect Still on the Loose

A brutal chemical attack against a woman and her two children in the United Kingdom is currently under investigation after a man, believed to have been in a relationship with the victim, threw a highly corrosive, alkaline liquid substance at the woman.

UK Doctor Suspended for Leading Banned Islamist Group

Almost a week after the British government finally banned one of the most controversial Islamist organizations in the world, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has suspended a general practitioner (GP) from a town in Greater London who heads the group.

Top London School Bans Muslim Prayer and Won’t Back Down

A prestigious London school is under fire after its headteacher, dubbed by the media as “Britain’s strictest teacher,” introduced a blanket ban on prayer on its premises. This has sparked debate on the place of religious rituals in schools, especially as the United Kingdom faces a more multicultural, multireligious future.


Hanukkah Public Displays Removed Amidst “Rising Tensions”

Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, some cities in the United States and Canada canceled planned celebrations for Hanukkah and even removed Jewish symbols from holiday light displays, sparking public outrage at a time when religious and political divisions were deepening because of the war.

UK Imam's Shocking Lecture on Stoning Women To Death Sparks Outrage!

An imam in the United Kingdom stirred anger after a video of him lecturing how to stone women to death went viral on social media, with his mosque facing an investigation from authorities after public funding was stopped after the video emerged on the Internet.