United Kingdom

Sexy Demi Lovato Crucifix Poster Banned for Offending Christians

A promotional poster for Demi Lovato’s latest album was banned in the UK and pulled from billboards for being offensive toward Christians. The poster began to appear across London last summer.

UK Government Drops Plan To Officially Define Islamophobia

The UK government quietly abandoned plans to create an official definition of Islamophobia. This action comes after promises to officially define the term three years ago amid mounting pressures to take action on hate crimes against Muslims and the scandals allegedly exposing Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

This event also comes as the UK will mark the beginning of the tenth Islamophobia Awareness Month, an annual campaign set by various British Muslim organizations in 2012.

New Report on Church of England Reveals 400 More Cases of Abuse

On October 5, the Church of England released a report detailing the findings of a three-year internal review. An extensive look into the church’s personnel records uncovered almost 400 new cases of abuse.

Hindu-Muslim Mob Violence Flares Tension in The United Kingdom

Communal tensions erupted in Leicester city, United Kingdom, in reaction to a cricket match. The match between India and Pakistan on August 28 in the Asia Cup is said to have sparked numerous protests, some of which turned very violent. While which side started the violence is highly debated, community leaders have called for calm as animosity between the Hindu and Muslim groups persists.

Islamic Leader Banned by UK Dept of Education for Homophobia & Misogyny

The decision of the United Kingdom's Department of Education to prohibit a Salafi activist from spreading his hateful teachings was welcomed by the National Secular Society (NSS). This ruling notes that several harmful sermons were published. This decision prevents the former faith school proprietor from managing private or state school teachings.

Shia Muslim Propaganda Film Sparks International Outrage & Bans

Directed by Eli King and written by Shia cleric Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, The Lady of Heaven has become a topic of controversy. Released on June 3rd, the movie sparked numerous protests across the United Kingdom as many from the Muslim communities deemed it to be "blasphemous" and "spreading false information about Islam."