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  • Islamists Execute Teenager

    Members of an Al-Qaeda associated radical Islamic group executed a teenager in the presence of his mother and father as a punishment for what they claimed to be religious blasphemy.

  • Secularism and Islamism

    With the leadership of Prime Minister Erdogan, the Islamist Justice and Development Party, otherwise known as A.K.P, has planned to recreate Turkey's image into a "model nation" for Muslim countries. A.K.P aims to project this image of Turkey as being a nation where Islam and secularism mesh together harmoniously.

  • Noah's Ark

    In order to take advantage of millions in tax breaks, the project must be completed by May 2014. Currently, the project has access to $12.3 million in funding, with $12.7 million in committed donations. Given that completing the project is estimated to cost $150 million, it is not yet known whether or not Answers in Genesis will finish the project.

  • Teenage Gang Rape Victim - Pakistan

    After four men gang raped her when she was only 13 years old, members of Kainat Soomro's village deemed her a "black virgin", condemning her to die.

  • Pete DeGraaf - Kansas State Rep.

    In the face of Defense Department allegations of discrimination, Kansas Republican lawmakers are seeking to get the Legislature to call upon U.S. Military officials to take an aggressive stand to protect the "Judeo-Christian tradition".

  • Court Gavel

    A Federal Court has found in favor of a teacher who brought a discrimination claim against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati in respect of her dismissal after becoming pregnant by artificial insemination.

  • Woman Refused Abortion - El Salvador

    A critically ill woman has been denied abortion by the Supreme Court of El Salvador; a decision that attracted instant criticism from women's rights and health groups across the world. El Salvador is majorly a Roman Catholic nation; hence, abortions are prohibited legally under all circumstances. In fact, protection of life "from the moment of conception" is a constitutional clause.

  • Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan

    A ban on gay marriage and the outlawing of any groups found to be actively in support of the rights of gay people was voted into being during a Nigerian House of Representatives session on Thursday. The vote also endorsed having any couple of the same sex caught displaying affection in public sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Despite the majority of population identifying themselves as religious people, there are instances of wrongdoing and injustice that take place in the world every day, and ironically, most of it is carried out in the name of religion. From homosexuals being persecuted to innocents being murdered, from women being subjugated to children being exploited, the list goes on endlessly. However, for several reasons, some that are obvious and some that are not, these tragic stories do not receive the kind of media coverage that they deserve.

That is why at Atheist Republic, an arduous team of bloggers, journalists and editors from across the world find stories related to atrocity, conflict, abuse and inequality and attempt to throw some light on these matters. Despite their core belief in atheism, the team focuses on issues that go far beyond the mere rejection of the existence of deities and archives stories that are for those people who refuse to live within their bubbles and care enough to learn the whole truth about the world at large.

Just because atheism does not find place very often in the media, that does not mean that there isn’t much that is taking place regarding the same. In fact, there is something worthwhile occurring every passing moment. If you are curious to know what is happening to atheists world over and what is being done by those who claim to be religious, Atheist Republic is the one place on the web that will share with you all the stories you need to know. In addition, you can also participate in discussions related to religion and politics on our website while keeping yourself updated with what fellow atheists have to say.