A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide

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A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide
A Heretic's Bible Study Guide

A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide

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A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide – A H Tique

For more than 2000 years, the Holy Bible has served as the spiritual touchstone for all Christians but those on the other end of the scale understand the text as a mere fantasy propagated by tyrants to control the minds of people.

As religious demographics continue to change, A H Tique believes that Christians may actually benefit from understanding the atheist perspective slightly better. Today’s, Generation Y could easily outnumber religious populations not only in America but across the world. This will undoubtedly affect the relationship between the church and the state. Christianity must thus adopt ideas from secular humanists so it can further define the boundary between both institutions, if for nothing else, to stop other doctrines from assuming a bigger political role in the formulation of public policies in the 21st century.

Apart from exploring this idea, A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide delves into an array of topics including the original sin, God’s law, God’s love and impetus for change. In an attempt to teach his readers something more about the Bible, Tique manages to build quite an interesting case against the Bible itself. The book may be a short read but it is definitely an in-depth study that allows its readers to examine verses from the New Testament and the Old Testament to see if the scriptures justify the reputation the Bible enjoys as a guidebook for salvation, enlightenment and spiritual redemption.

While the book does serve as a great resource for atheists and agnostics, devout Christians will probably fail to see sense against what they already believe in. Nevertheless, for readers in general, one is likely to find something new, every time he or she reads A Heretic’s Bible Study Guide.

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This book takes a different

This book takes a different view of our "cause" as it offers Christians a chance to see things through other people's eyes rather than their own, the ones with blinders on. Getting them to read it might be another story altogether.

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