Isaac Asimov's "Guide to the Bible"

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Isaac Asimov's "Guide to the Bible"

I found this book invaluable in sorting out the parts of the Christian Bible that were true, sorta true, probably not true, and completely fictional.

Asimov was (RIP) a secular Jewish science and science fiction writer. In this extremely weighty book he used his extraordinary ability to absorb information and and condense it onto a page to give the reader an understanding of the context in which the many and various parts of the Bible were written. Understanding the culture and world views of the different times and places in which the different books were written is like understanding the difference between a news report from Fox, WaPo, BBC, and AlJazeera. It gives you insight into why people wrote what they did, without telling you what you should think about it.

I can't recommend it too highly, for people who live in a world dominated by Christianity, regardless of your opinion about Christianity.
It's not a theological work. It's not an opinion piece. It's a clear eyed, well informed, explanation of the world of the authors of the Bible.

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My copy was confiscated then

My copy was confiscated then "lost" by an Army chaplain. Yeah, I'm still a little bitter about that.

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LOL. Religious immorality in

LOL. Religious immorality in action.

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If anyone is interested:

If anyone is interested:

Free pdf of the two volumes.

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Thank you. I lost my copy of

Thank you. I lost my copy of Asimov's Guide to the Bible many years ago.

As a hardcore Asimov fan (I've read over 350 of his 495 books), I'm always on the lookout to augment my collection.

Thank you again.

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No problem Kev. Lots of

No problem Kev. Lots of interesting books on that site amongst the woo, including a full colour atlas of the bible lands too. It serves as a good companion volume to Isaac's guide.

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Thank you for this.

Thank you for this.

On a bookshelf, I wouldn't have given that cover a second glance, because I would have thought it was just another preachers flavour of explaining the bible.

So much easier than going through English/sometimes French, Greek, sometimes Latin, Hebrew & Aramaic transliterations, translations, their alphabets and meanings etc etc. That never-ending time consumer.

With this, if something pops up, I can look into it and see how that might have tainted a thought process, without putting six months into it and looking like a madman. Lol

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Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading more. Once again, thank you so much. Great.

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Super cool! Several very good

Super cool! Several very good points!

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