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Just click "Start New Thread"

Just click "Start New Thread" give it a name and add some info in the text box answer the "Math Question" then click Save.

Welcome to our corner of reality.


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Elane Pagles has a new book

Elane Pagles has a new book out that will help you guys. https://www.amazon.com/Origin-Satan-Christians-Demonized Heretics/dp/0679731180

Satan / Hell is a human invention. The more you know about it the less likely you are to believe in it (Just like any other religious bullshit.)

There is no HELL in the Old Testament. It is not there. There are several Christian faiths that do not believe in the Satan ruled hellfire and brimstone Hell of the Evangelic Christians. Instead, nonbelievers just die. Only believers get to see god. There are as many versions of this hell bullshit as there are religions. Some have it and some do not. The Christian Hell is a Christian Invention. It does not come from Early Christian Tradition (the Jews)/ It's not there.

This one is on line. "Origins of Satan. " It's a made up story.


Knowledge is the bane of religion. The more you know the less likely you are to believe religious bullshit.

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In the New Testament, almost

In the New Testament, almost everyone goes to hell. Even the Jesus character spent time in hell. The good news is that it is only temporary and everyone makes bail on Judgment Day. Depending on your works you might even get into the golden cube called New Jerusalem. You might have to be a member of the clique to get full benefit privileges or else you could end up as a slave for eternity on the toilet detail. In any case, you will get out of hell and won't have to go back but, you might end up in the lake of fire.

In the Islamic fairy tale, when you die you stay dead until Judgment Day. At that time you are judged on your works. Most of the women end up in hell suffering eternal torture. The guys get their separate private paradises, a harem of women, a herd of cute boys, and other goodies.

People tend to think of hell in terms of the Islamic version instead of the biblical one. It pays to know your hells because they are different.

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Hell is a place on Earth...

Hell is a place on Earth... It's called Crewe.

As for the silly religious versions of hell, if you fear them you ARE deluded. It's like having a fear of man eating bagels.

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Re: OP - "I’m worried about

Re: OP - "I’m worried about hell."

Hell schmell... Fuck that... I'm more worried about the first time I ever have to get a prostate exam... *shudder*... *cringing in corner*... *clinging tightly to teddy bear*...

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@OP Remember that there are

@OP Remember that there are countless possible Hells that we might be sent to for not believing in the Christian God, Allah, Yahweh, Thor, Zeus, etc. There's not just one possibility. In fact, there is an infinite number of Hells that one could come up with as a punishment for not believing in an infinite number of possible deities whose traits and personalities one could think up, as well as an infinite number of possible Heavens that you might get as a reward for belief in said deities. So you needn't be afraid of any Hell. And even if, by some cruel twist of fate, one such place does exist, then given some time, the torment that you would receive there would stop being as painful as it originally was, until eventually it would feel "meh", and would just be mildly annoying.

On the other hand, if a heaven-like afterlife somehow exists and one were to get that as a REWARD for believing in whatever deity (if any do exist, which IMO is highly unlikely), then eventually you would get bored from following the same routine all the time without any end, without ever experiencing any real risk, uncertainty, or chance. And that is why, if anything, I fear that a Heaven might exist and that I might be admitted in there for whatever reason. Thank goodness these places probably don't exist, and that for all I know, this is the only one life we've each got.


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