Aposteriori Unum, the guy who almost debated Kent Hovind twice

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Aposteriori Unum, the guy who almost debated Kent Hovind twice

Heya, fellow heathens! It's been a while, but you should know you are always on my mind (and heart).

Last night, for the second night in a row, Mr. Kent Hovind, this lovely man who thinks dinosaurs and human beings coexisted, bailed out on a debate with @Aposteriori Unum, in his supposedly coming back to the Non-Sequitur Show, after being pretty much destroyed by Aron Ra a while ago.

The show was basically a roast on Hovind for not showing up. Funny part when Hovind is on the phone. And if you didn't think it was possible to hang up the phone on yourself, behold, it happened last night.

@Aposteriori's a regular in this house, and please pay attention to the second part of the show from 22:15, where he mentions this forum.

https://youtu.be/lpnh3jYyXvQ (1st part of the show).

https://youtu.be/RYHiatUyl1Q (2nd part).

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Hey Flamenca, WELCOME BACK!!

Hey Flamenca, WELCOME BACK!! Damn good to see ya me lady.

I am definitely going to watch.


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The second part was hilarious

The second part was hilarious when they got Hovind to call in and played back with his agreement and he hung up. What a coward.

10K Agrees for Aposteriori Unum.


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Hovind got a huge load of

Hovind got a huge load of shit over the whole thing.
It's just as satisfying as calling out his trash in a debate.

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If you ever get another

If you ever get another chance to debate with Hovind, PLEASE, Please let me know. I want to watch it.


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I do believe it is possible,

I do believe it is possible, though I doubt he would suddenly agree to the non sequitur show.

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And don't worry; the

And don't worry; the temperature is still 15,000 degrees Celsius. ;)

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Flamenca!!!!! Miss you gal!

Flamenca!!!!! Miss you gal! And that hirsute man of yours...my god...he is sooo young! LOL.....funny how the mental image just did not match up there....Watched it Loved it...GO APOSTERIORIRIO...oh what the hell...GO ESTEBAN!

Hugs to both of you guys....miss you heaps.

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Hey old man, I do look 40 or

Hey old man, I do look 40 or so years younger than I am. Lots of exercise and good strong coffee.

There was no debate, but it was sure fun to rip on Hovind like that...

That moment when he hung up on himself... priceless.

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Hi, guys! Nice to see you!

Hi, guys! Nice to see you! @Arakish, yes, I really enjoyed that part.

And @Old man, well, he got me with his debate skills, he's a kid though... What can I say?

@Apost, 40 years younger? Yeah, you look like a fetus ;)

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Wellllll.... Lookie-lookie

Wellllll.... Lookie-lookie here! Lawdy, do my eyes deceive me? Is that really Flame and Apost I see?... *Big Grin*... Oh, my goodness. You two have certainly been missed on these pages.

I caught the part where Cowardly Kent was babbling on about some lame excuse about why he didn't show. The most ridiculous nonsense was "The Confusion of the Steves". lol Basically, "Hey, Steve, your Steve needs to work it out with my Steve, because my Steve was not aware of what your Steve planned, and when you told me you spoke with Steve I thought you meant my Steve, Steve, but it must have been your Steve who did not let my Steve know. So, Steve, have your Steve call my Steve and we'll do lunch."

But then they played the recording of the conversation, at which point Cowardly Kent was like, "Oops. Oh, gee. Look at the time. Sorry, but I gotta go. Been nice talkin' to ya.".... *shaking head in amusement*... Wonder if he will claim a victory on that one?... lol

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Howdy, @Tin-Man, hehe.

Howdy, @Tin-Man, hehe. Remember, it's Adam and Eve, not Steve and Steve.

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If it were only that easy

If it were only that easy with Hovind. He was in some chat room I found once and threw a question at him. Can't remember the question, but he booted my ass right out of there without so much as a goodbye. I feel miffed at dance ball...


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Oh, really? Hovind almost got

Oh, really? Hovind almost got into a debate with our very own Aposteriori? Wow.

And here's another example of a creationist chickening out of a debate with atheists like you and me (is it because they're afraid that we might pwn them and dismantle their bullshit?):

You'll love it- trus me...

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Thank you for sharing, @Rohan

Thank you for sharing, @Rohan M.

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