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christian music at work

I guess this really isn't a problem. But my whole day can turn around by the music i'm listening to and the dental office I work at does change it up. Lately it's been classic rock and 80s- 90s music which is awesome, it puts me in a great mood. But the Doctor has mentioned that he's considered putting it back on the Christian music and leaving it there because he got so many compliments from religious patients for playing it.
That is what was on for the first week I worked there and it either put me to sleep or put in me in an awful mood. Having to dodge comments about the music from patients (who either thanked me for the music- to which I replied "thank the doc, it was his choice", or they saw it as an opening to talk to me about faith, to which I still haven't found a graceful exit because I don't want to pretend to believe as they do but patients get so offended if you tell them you aren't a believer).
I have just kept hoping Doc wont put it back on so I keep my attitude extra positive and comment regularly on how much I enjoy the music we are currently playing (which isn't a lie), but is there a polite way to explain why I do not want him to replace the music with that Joy radio crap. I mean honestly how can these musicians think singing "jesus" over and over is a good chorus for a song????

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well that's how business

well that's how business works bruh.. doc favors the customers for some reason, unless he's enjoying it too..

find ways on how to comfort your self, put some headphones on..unless you're not allowed while working...
and why don't you open up when ever a customer asks you if you're religious or not?. try to open up...don't tell me all of your customers are religious..that's impossible.

and welcome to AR though..hope that this will help...peace out!

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Welcome to our somewhat

Welcome to our somewhat breath of fresh air.

You could always do like I have. Simply say, "No comment. I do not discuss such things while at work." Most intelligent religious persons will let it drop at that. Your business is there to provide dental care. It is not a church. If you have those who want to push the matter, simply say, "I am sorry, but I do have work to get done. Thanks for your concern. Have a good day."

Of course, I am a little blunt, but that is how I have always viewed the workplace. It is a place to work, not worship.


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Tell him you suspect it is

Maybe tell them you suspect it is the cause of patients having religious discussions in the lobby; and while it hasn't been a serious problem in the past, you are concerned. Try to relate it to the business, not religion.

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I've heard that sickly sweet

I've heard that sickly sweet sentimental religious songs can cause tooth decay. Or was that brain decay?

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Brain decay, definitely. Tooth decay only if you sing along with them.

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That is a tough one. He

That is a tough one. He obviously wants to pander to them for the business. However it is very likely that some patients will not like it and possibly complain about it. I hate country music and have voiced my opinion in restaurants and stores that have played it.

Grinning and baring it is a tough one. My sympathies are with you!

Maybe you could convince him to play that old Heavy Metal christian group, "Stryper" from the 80's. That would fool the complainers and then you could show them that it is christian music!

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Hey, Neon! Here's an idea for

Hey, Neon! Here's an idea for ya! Of course, the biggest problem is going to be how well you can control your nausea while doing it, but hear me out...

If they start playing the Christian music again, then simply start singing along with it...... loudly. Oh, and badly. (The badly part would be natural for me. However, in case you can actually sing well, avoid that temptation in this instance.) Anyway, should anybody complain about it, simply tell them you can't help it. Say something like, "You don't understand! When music like this plays, the spirit of the Lord fills my soul to overflowing with his awesome power so much that I just have to get it out and sing His praises!" That is just one suggestion for many similar responses, but you get the idea. Also, the more sincerely dead-pan and serious you are, the better. You have to be convincing. Too over-dramatic or silly will totally give away your game. Give it two, maybe three, days of that, and I'm fairly confident you will be back to listening to the wonderful sounds of 80's and 90's rock. Put those acting skills to the test, girlfriend!...*Z-snap-snap-snap*...

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If there really was a god, I

If there really was a god, I dont think he would want to hear all that calling his name over and over, do you think that if there were something that supposedly "made everything" wants to hear peons chanting his name over and over? It just more justifies how I feel about religion, and the bible. I heard an advertisement for a "Christian insurance company" that shares expenses with other "Christians" and the phone number is blah blah blah "BIBLE" now thats supposed to make you think there is a high morality attached to this group, quite the contrary, I know they are using that as a selling point and it would make me even more leary of buying their insurance, if they are so confident why pay a medical professional? Just send us money and we will pray for you,Yea, that will fix you up right there

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