Please show support for fellow atheist musician!

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Please show support for fellow atheist musician!

My name is Anthony. I'm 27 and live in Atlantic City. Music is my passion.
This is my first post so I thought I'd take a second to share something that hopefully our entire community can show support in.

Well, where to start...

I guess instead of mindlessly spamming my link to anyone who takes the time to read this, I think it's only fair that I share a little about myself if you are willing to lend a ear to my music.

I rap. WAIT. I know what your thinking.
"Yeah; you, my grandmother, the dog and everyone else nowadays."

I don't "gangster rap". I'd like to think that my music has a message. (One that our particular crowd may enjoy even more if you can listen between the lines.)
I'd rather not try to describe my style of rap and would rather just humbly ask that you give it a listen for yourself and hope that you find it enjoyable.
I do believe that you will.

I've always been an atheist. Even as a child, my christian upbringing never sat well with me. I kept my "lack of belief" to myself for many years into my adulthood. It's been about 7 years that I've been openly atheist and, well, I don't think I have to explain the reaction i get from the general public. (<-- This is a first.)
I have recently started uploading music that I have been working on and I don't always get the greatest support via facebook, friends, family etc. ( sometimes because of my personal belief and sometimes because of my touchy music subject matter.)

This is where you guys come in. I (very humbly) ask that you give my music a listen.
If you enjoy, I'd be sooo appreciative of any likes, shares, reposts, responses, page visits... however you feel like contributing.
And thanks for even taking the time for reading this.... I sincerely hope you enjoy my music.
(Recommended songs to start with "You'll Never Know" & "Blasphemy".)

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Use this site to download

Use this site to download your favorite music from Soundcloud for free:

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I always support atheist

I always support atheist musician! bitlife

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