2017 US Total Solar Eclipse and Associated Portents.

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2017 US Total Solar Eclipse and Associated Portents.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the continental USA from Oregon to South Carolina.
For those who can get into the path of totality, it should be a special event to witness.


However, there are people out there who will probably consider this occurrence to be a sign/portent for some other major religious or apocalyptic event. For example, Darrah Perez believes that the passing of the eclipse will trigger the super volcano eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera.


I invite you to post other crazy predictions associated with this event as you come across them.

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The prophet muhammed will win

My prediction is that the prophet muhammed will win the Kentucky derby

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But instead of virgins he'll

But instead of virgins he'll have fillies waiting for him. Hope he likes horses...

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We found and booked a camping

We found and booked a camping site directly under its path. I'll report in on all the amazing phenomena that happen when the world goes dark.

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Thanks, CyberLN! I think I

Thanks, CyberLN! I think I'll be south of the path of totality, so any connection to someone there is somehow meaningful to me. I'll look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Happy to be of help. It

Happy to be of help. It might be a good idea if we all donned our tinfoil hats so I can communicate the changes in real time.

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Pictures would be appreciated

Pictures would be appreciated if you guys have the right equipment.

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The end time are come with

The end time are come with this next eclipse.
APOCALYPSE NOW World predicted to end in 2017 thanks to a total solar eclipse hitting America and the UK
Christian group claim scripture suggests August 21 will bring on an apocalypse


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My prediction is that

My prediction is that thousands of people will visit Kentucky who never found a reason to visit before and will never visit here again. I live about 40 miles from the primo viewing site.

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