5 Worst U.S. Presidents (according to me)

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5 Worst U.S. Presidents (according to me)

5. Abraham Lincoln. Reasons: Didn't start war to free slaves, but to take save the Union. Encouraged the Civil War with use of Tariffs.
4. George W. Bush. Reason: War. NSA Warrentless Surveillance.
3. Ronald Reagan. Reasons: War, whether it be overseas, on drugs, or on guns. High spending.
2. Obama. Reasons: Worst Economic Recovery. More journalists prosecuted and punished than every other administration before him combined. Debt.
1. FDR. Reasons: Appoint KKK member to Supreme Court (although he said he didn't associate with them, Hugo Black still espoused similar views). Japanese Internment Camps. Forced everybody to give their Gold and Silver to the government. Burned crops during Great Depression. Despite attack Hoover for running up the debt and deficit, FDR, within 100 days, had piled up a deficit larger than Hoover had produced in two years. Spent more than all U.S. presidents before him combined. Under the National Recovery Administration, Roosevelt tried to bring all major industries together into cartels. By '38, there were more people unemployed than when FDR was elected six years earlier.

P.S. I won't make many replies on this if at all. This is a very subjective order. I am a anarcho-capitalist. I don't know much about presidents other than what would make headline news or anarcho-capitalist, libertarian, conservative news outlets or social media pages would post.

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You should have named a

You should have named a president for not teaching you how to count.

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Actually the worst 4 have

Actually the worst 4 have been the last four: Trump, Obama, Bush Jr. Clinton.


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You just didn't season them

You just didn't season them the right way. You have to use ketchup. This is America!

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Worst President = Woodrow

Worst President = Woodrow Wilson. Got blackmailed into getting the US into WWI. Denied black Americans of their Constitutional rights. Pushed for the racist Stars Bangled Banner to be the national anthem.

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Let's rate them from an

Let's rate them from an atheist perspective.

JFK for being a Catholic and behaving like a priest (i.e., a randy goat)
Jimmy Carter for wearing his religion on his sleeve and confessing about adultery in his heart
Harry S. Truman for thanking god for the atom bomb
Dwight Eisenhower for putting "In god we trust" on the money and "under god" in the Pledge of Allegiance
Donald Trump for playing the religion card in the election when we all know his only god lives in his mirror

In fact I'd condemn all of them for using religion to win votes even though most them had enough brains to see through the fraud of religion.

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"In fact I'd condemn all of

"In fact I'd condemn all of them for using religion" Here Here - I second that motion.

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Unknown, at least you said

Unknown, at least you said “according to me”.

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