Accurate predictions of future events?

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Accurate predictions of future events?


I'm not entirely sure when this website came online, but I know it has atlest been around since late 2013.

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What constitutes 'accurate

What constitutes 'accurate prediction"? Does one sufficiently vague prediction (or worse a trivial one) that comes true under a broad interpretation of facts out of 10 make a source accurate? If so I can accurately predict the future:

My prediction for tomorrow: there will be trouble in the middle east tomorrow. Search the news tomorrow, you will see that I'm right!

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I meant something along the

I meant something along the lines of a consistent percentage of accuracy, let's say oh 75% perhaps. Something along those lines.

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Nylarhotep : At 0715 GMT

Nylarhotep : At 0715 GMT April 16th 2016 this article appears on AlJazeera -

I would say that is 100% accuracy.

The web page TObito Uhicha links us to does say they are "a speculative timeline of future history. Part fact and part fiction".

Looks interesting . Much like the stuff you see in the trans-humanism movement. It will be fun to see which predictions come true . Like spotting things in science fiction tales that became reality.

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oh yeah, these kinds of

oh yeah, these kinds of predictions are fun, so long as you don't take them too seriously.

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You could indeed call me a

You could indeed call me a member of the transhumanist movement.

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Hmm, now where did I put my

Hmm, now where did I put my tin foil hat again?

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I mentioned the body

I mentioned the body augmentation through implated devices, not the crazy theoryies and other nonsense.

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Did you?

Did you?
In any case, I was only joking... I never loose track of my tin foil hat! :)

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Hmm, well I had said it, but

Hmm, well I had said it, but either I didn't post the content or it turned traitor and ran off to the r/religion.

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