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Adam and Steve

Congrats to those of you who can now marry in the California! FINALLY! I am embarrassed it took this long. But I must vent... I was recently talking with someone about this topic and he boastfully said, " I believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." I have heard this quote before but boy my blood just boiled and I couldn't help but become aggressive with my words. What do you guys feel about this topic and imo offensive quote.

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I think Adam and Steve could

I think Adam and Steve could be a funny quote, but depending on the context yes it could be quite offensive! I guess it depends on what the person saying was using it to convey. In the case you mentioned above yes that seems to fit into the later category.

On a State level or marriage license level I don't think there should be any problem with Gay or Lesbian marriage as the church and state are supposed to be separate! Religious groups don't have any business getting involved with what people want to do outside of their groups. To be fair anybody who wants to be married or form a civil union in the eyes of the law or government should be allowed to do so or nobody should. Laws should be the same for everybody regardless of sex , race,creed, or sexual orientation.

I don't think religious groups should have any say in how the rules of the state are decided beyond what the number of people in the religious group have as a percent of the population in a democratic society, however within the religious community I think they should be able to deny marriage to anybody they wish and if the people don't like it they should be able to go elsewhere. I am all for the right of assembly and peaceful protest and if Religions want to unionize against or for any law then I say let the chip fall where the lay go ahead show your support for or against any law you want to but leave God out of it. I don't see why a lesbian or gay couple would want to be married in a church that condemns their relationship anyway. Personally I think it would be nice if religions evolved to accept gay and Lesbian people as natural/ non-sinful and stopped condemning them but honestly I am all for freedom of religion and belief and would not want someone dictating my beliefs to me. I think the biggest part of the issue comes from the term "marriage" and what that means to religious people. I think that is a religiously charged term closely associated with holy matrimony and perhaps states should stop using it.

I personally think the term marriage should mean nothing in the eyes of the law and they should look at people as either single or joint for tax purposes and retirement benefit purposes regardless of sex, creed, race or sexual orientation depending on how the individuals in question wish to file their taxes. If such was the case what is to stop someone from starting their own religion where they are allowed to practice gay marriage. To put this bluntly religions should stay out of government affairs! I hate how religions are always trying to tell people who don't feel how they do about how to live their lives. Religions should not be allowed to practice hate crimes! To deny someone their equal rights as a citizen of the United States based on sexual orientation is a hate crime. I don't even think things that bring these issues up should even have to be considered as in my opinion it would stand against the constitution to deny anybody equal rights. The whole issue pisses me off ! If two people want to love and behold and support each other forever until death do they part and live life as a team they should be able to regardless of who those two people are that their business. If the law has puts forth advantages for anyone who does so then who is to anyone to deny anybody else such advantages. If two people wish to file jointly as spouses that's their business.

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I personally think everyone

I personally think everyone involved in a loving relationship should be allowed to marry and have access to all the privileges granted by law. when they use the adam and eve line i reply oh so you are ok with being the offspring of incest...

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Lol! Adam and Steve is quite

Lol! Adam and Steve is quite funny. How about the Madam and Eve?!
With all the religious fanatics leaders that we have in this world, no wonder why the same sex marriage is a big issue for most countries. Every human being have the right to be happy by any means as long as it does not harm anyone or anything.
I believe that during the ancient times, gender preferences is not a question of happiness and morality.

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Ha ha ha that is another good

Ha ha ha that is another good one, well done for coming up with that :) On a more serious note I completely agree, it is very important that the world comes around to the idea that same sex marriage is okay - people should be free to do whatever they want to do (in this context of course!)

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I do agree that the girls

I do agree that the girls need something too - Madam and Eve it is :)

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Madam and Eve... Totally

Madam and Eve... Totally using this.


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Yeah, me too!

Yeah, me too!

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Why is it that such a serious

Why is it that such a serious topic gets turned into a joke. Many times people do this to take away from the original subject and that causes us to cast shadows over it eluding to the fact that it really is wrong and we don't want people to realize that fact.

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You're absolutely right about

You're absolutely right about that, it is a serious issue! However, the joke is still quite funny :)

Most people can handle seeing the humor and the deeper meaning at the same time, but unfortunately when a joke like that gets broadcast through the media and we all laugh, you can never tell who's laughing in spite of the seriousness and who's just laughing it off altogether.

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I'm talking about the actual

I'm talking about the actual quote in the first place. That is something that shouldn't be said especially by someone so blindly following a god that he knows nothing about. That doesn't give them the right to say anything about anyone else that they know nothing about either.

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I take issues seriously when

I take issues seriously when I feel they're overdue, and I feel gay marriage is way overdue. I feel the more we accept it and eliminate foolish comments like the joke I mentioned then the faster it will be be less of a shock in society. Just accept it already and move on! Sheesh.

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I guess some people are more

I guess some people are more touchy than others. That's what makes this such a good forum, we can all speak our minds and we have the right to disagree. I find that disagreement adds more fuel to the fire of a good discussion.

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I do like this forum for that

I do like this forum for that too :) I think most people in here are pretty cool, despite the fact that we all disagree on a couple of different things. Tor the most part, everyone's opinions appear to be pretty well thought out, so they're worth respecting even though I may not personally agree.

Variety is the spice of life :)

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That original quote is

That original quote is terrible! The sad part is, he is right in saying that. I'm not saying what he said is right, but he has the right to say that which is why we all have the right to our own opinions on religion and life in general. Maybe one day all of these TLC channel watching idiots will just fade away into the sunset with their antiquated beliefs.

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Such a sunset would be

Such a sunset would be beautiful indeed :)

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What I will always say for

What I will always say for this kind of discussions or questions is that, what important is if a person is being a good person and does not hurt anyone in order to be happy. :D

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I hear you, but if you follow

I hear you, but if you follow chaos theory (and there is definitely some potential truth to it even if it's not all that useful as a ruling doctrine) you'd see how even the best of our intentions can end up hurting people in ways we'd never predict, and may never even see.

But regardless, we do our best :)

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I find most people don't wish

I find most people don't wish to truly be bad people, even though they do things others may consider horrible, in many cases the evil-doers (as i will call them now) don't want to be evil and actually want to do what they believe is the right thing to do. To call them bad will not help but rather give them more conviction the best way would be to guide them toward enlightenment that would allow them perceive things differently or at the very least the error of their ways. I was a firm believer in Chaos theory before I even heard of it.

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I think in these kind of

I think in these kind of relationships, those who are not happy with it should not tell something against it in front of those who agree with it. :P
It was like the saying, if you do not have something good to say, better not to say anything! :P :D

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I was just invited to a

I was just invited to a wedding (I'm not using the term gay wedding purposely because I think it is wrong and I don't like the term same-sex wedding either) for a friend of mine who is marrying his best friend and partner. The cool thing is, he was my best man at my wedding and now I get to be his best man!

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I think arguably his best man

I think arguably his best man may be marrying him and you may be his second best man;)

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There you go! Zaphod just

There you go! Zaphod just gave you an opener for your best man speech :) Have fun firebolt!

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