All bishops in Chile resign--Australia next?

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All bishops in Chile resign--Australia next?

All 34 Catholic bishops in Chile have tendered their resignations to the Pope as an admission of their failure to protect the innocent from pedophile priests. I wonder if their colleagues in Australia and many other countries will have the courage to follow suit.

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It would be nice, wouldn't it

It would be nice, wouldn't it?

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How does resigning equate to

How does resigning equate to justice?

Are they changing job titles or leaving the church?

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Admission by Omission. rmfr

Admission by Omission.


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Integrity and morality within

Integrity and morality within the RCC, I can't see this catching on if I'm honest.

I suppose it's a gesture anyway, pity they couldn't have been a little more pragmatic a little sooner and protected those children in their charge. Full disclosure and cooperation with any and all ongoing police investigations would be nice. Or is that too much to hope for? Theism always seems to have preferred the grand gesture over the real substance of pragmatism. Theists are forever playing the martyr.

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Ah, they've not actually

Ah, they've not actually resigned then, just offered to, and the Pope hasn't accepted their resignations yet. He also refused the resignation of a bishop who protected his paedophile mentor from prosecution.

"The upset centres on Bishop Juan Barros, who is accused of using his position in the Catholic Church to try to block an investigation into his mentor, Catholic priest Fernando Karadima.

****The bishop has repeatedly offered his resignation to the Pope, but it has been rejected several times***"

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Why are they waiting for the

Why are they waiting for the Pope to accept their resignations? They could quit if they were sincere.

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Isn't this a great solution!

Isn't this a great solution! Now they can molest children without the Pope interfering and moving them all over the place.

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Bishops are like pigs, you

Bishops are like pigs, you hit one with a stick and they all begin to squeal.

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