Angels at the Deathbed

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Angels at the Deathbed

A figment of the imagination or a glimpse of the afterlife?

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How about an imaginative mind

How about an imaginative mind?

I have yet to find any actual proof of this but only the dead hold the secret and they won't be telling it anytime soon.

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So many studies have been

So many studies have been done on this but still inconclusive. Nice article though.

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I heard a lot of near- death

I heard a lot of near- death - experiences stories and I believe that some of them are due to the brain functionality and most are invented. But, I also believe that there are few that are authentic but it may not conclude that afterlife is real. It can be compared to an out of the body experience who were experienced by many people particularly those who actually practice it or during dreamtime. Afterlife debate will never end until someone dies and bring back reliable evidence from the spiritual world.

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You might want to read this.

You might want to read this. It has a pretty good pop-sci recap of what near death experiences are about.

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I think it is just the brain

I think it is just the brain shutting down due to oxygen deprivation and causing the hallucinations. I had a NDE and I don't recall any of that happening. I heard the EMT's pronounce me dead and then I remember waking up what seemed like ten seconds later not at the accident any more but in the hospital. I had no clue as to what was happening or how I got there so quickly. It actually took almost 15 minutes to get to the hospital I was later told.

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So were you comatose or

So were you comatose or actually dead for a while? I hear that you lose some brain function if you are dead for too long. Perhaps that is when people start to hallucinate and see these angels they speak of.

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That's scary! I hope whatever

That's scary! I hope whatever happened there is well behind you at this point and you're feeling better :)

But as for the missing time thing, the brain usually loses some time prior to the actual event (in your case oxygen deprivation) that causes the trauma. Given the actual trauma, this can also lead to hallucinations at the time, and in some cases the remembering of hallucination, meaning the information was encoded incorrectly. It has happened in many cases that I've seen where a person in a traumatic shock will be able to function, answer questions, and even do extraordinarily complicated things at the scene of the injury, yet afterwards recall something entirely untrue - i.e while paramedics watch a man walk out of a crashed car and return to help free other passengers, he might later recall that they were all carried by unseen beings. Most often though, people don't remember anything at all. The brain is merciful like that.

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