Antibiotic Resistance

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Antibiotic Resistance

2017 Could Be A Terrible Tipping Point for Antibiotic Resistance

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Hmm that website looks, well

Hmm that website looks, well lets say my skeptic alarm is going off.

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I agree the website looks

I agree the website looks dubious.

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I think our skepticism was

I think our skepticism was justified!. Check out this page.

Where it is basically telling cancer patients to not go to their oncologist, and instead drink green tea.

And if you look down at the bottom of the page, the site owner recommends a documentary called The Truth about Cancer that features:

  • Matthias Rath - claims (among other things) that all diseases come from your own body (including HIV/AIDS), essentially a repudiation of the germ theory of disease.
  • Mike Adams - A favorite of Dr. Oz is a birther, AIDS/HIV denialist, Sandy Hook conspira-tard, anti-vaxxer, and of course 9/11 inside jobber.
  • Joseph Mercola - Another Dr. Oz guy: anti-vaxxer, floride conspira-tard, and number other shady dealings and run-ins with the FDA and FTC.
  • Jonathan V. Wright - Homeopathy and all kinds of FDA violations.
  • Rashid Buttar - Notorious for administering urine therapy to autistic kids.
  • Russell Blaylock - Anti-vaxxer, floride conspira-tard, and AIDS conspira-tard (this time it is that the Soviets created it, hey at least its a new one!).
  • Stanislaw Burzynski - Another urine treatment guy, this time for cancer.
  • Tullio Simoncini - Thinks cancer is caused by fungus, injects patients with baking soda to treat it.
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Wow didn't know that website

Wow didn't know that website had all those people on it. Thanks Nyarlathotep.

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It doesn't mean that what the

It doesn't mean what the article (or any other) said is wrong. But I'd suggest double checking anything you read there with a more reputable site.

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I work in an environment that

I work in an environment that is considered a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant organisms. We are in a real life battle with bacteria. No amount of green tea is going to help. In the last few years the labs are testing culture samples (blood, urine, wound drainage ) for the presence of extended spectrum beta lactamase. E-coli is just one organism that has evolved this enzyme capable of breaking down antibiotics. The bacteria are using weapons not just armor. We have only one antibiotic (that I know of) that no organism has developed resistance to. Zyvox. We are using Zyvox sparingly but I did administer some a few days ago. So , a matter of time.

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How about green tea and a lot

How about green tea and a lot of prayers?

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1. MDR - Tuberculosis is a

1. MDR - Tuberculosis is a big problem in India.
2. MRSA is commonplace in our hospitals that are underfunded
3. superbug was found in Delhi and was a big scare at one point.

And our government cuts the health funding year after year despite the fact that we have an ailing population dealing with preventable communicable diseases.

Hell we are still trying to fight TB, Leprosy and Malaria

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The Pragmatic - "How about

The Pragmatic - "How about green tea and a lot of prayers?"

I was thinking the same thing. Are prayers administered orally or intravenously?

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So that's what the trick is?

So that's what the trick is?

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