Anyone willing to do a Podcast / Interview?

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Anyone willing to do a Podcast / Interview?

What made you one day become an atheist/ Agnostic?

What is your views on certain religions?

What can we do about fixing the misconceptions about atheists and agnostics?


(Feel free to write ur answers on the forum)

Been wanting to do an interview on Skype for my podcast. ( I don’t have much of a community as far as athiest/ Agnostics, considering as well I live in a area we’re 99 percent of people are religious.

If ur interested let me know. If u wanna remain anonymous and go by a different name for personally reasons, then we can do that as well. Thank you again.

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Love to.

Love to.

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Where exactly are you? Like

Where exactly are you? Like what state?

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1. I didn't become an

1. I didn't become an atheist in a single day
2. All religions are dumb and theism is a mental illness
3. which misconceptions are you referring to?

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Didn't we do this once before

Didn't we do this once before?

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I know one thing, you would

I know one thing, you would have loved me in Ep. #8: Is There An Afterlife? / Dealing With Death (Atheist/Agnostic Viewpoint) podcast. Have a gander at this sharing: Soul Shatter.


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