Are more Muslims than ever becoming atheists?

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Are more Muslims than ever becoming atheists?

According to the NY Times, it's true:

In the article, it's linked this 2015 article:

Why do you think? Are you one of them? Do you know anyone who has recently lost their faith?

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Can confirm.

Can confirm.
I'm Hui Chinese born and living in Saudi Arabia. It's like hell here smh someone send help xD

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I notice videos on YouTube

I notice videos on YouTube from time to time from ex-Muslims telling their story.

There is one YouTube channel (Acts17Apologetics) with a Christian challenging Islam on a regular basis. Several ex-Muslims have credited him with pulling them away from Islam. He is very knowledgeable about the Quran and regularly pokes holes in it.

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I met one at my 1st year of

I met one at my 1st year of high school, he was my teacher. He always making joke about God / Allah over and over and over to us the kids when teaching in the class. We laughed not knowing what it was all about. But other teachers did not see it as jokes and he was arrested with the charge of abusing his position. He was released after about a year and could not find a job there and he disappeared.

Than again some 6 years later another one, he was my uncle in law (no blood relation). He told me that he thought God did not exist. Not long ago I visited him as a lost old man living in a room, divorced and all his children refused to see him (for whatever the reason). When time for pray I asked him to come along to the mosque, he refused. He did not hide it from me.

But I have severed our connection with him for good now, as he was irresponsible individual in presenting himself to the family.

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So you think it is right to deny someone work because they know there is no god and is not afraid to say it. You think that someone, a relative, that doesn't believe in your god is just being irresponsible. That is just fucking dumb.

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So, how does it make you feel

So, how does it make you feel that your religion is making you and your relatives act in a clearly evil way towards these people who have not hurt you in any way?

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I was one of them and I still

I was one of them and I still haven't made up my mind about religions yet.

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I see all religions as a call

I see all religions as a call to ignorance. Once there the ignorant must remain that way as a condition of their stature within their belief systems, become minions to them and then suffer a life of misery should they question them. This is not a natural human pursuit but a form of oppression that advantages none but a few who seek to control others for personal gain. Islam is an extremely transparent example of that and by that virtue it's very easy to understand how humanity is beginning to cobble together the courage to unshackle itself from the primitive antiquities that no longer have a moral code of any relevance.

I think the extremes of behavior mandated by the Quran are not what come naturally to any psyche. They are burdensome upon all that a person holds dear and, together with the imagination's conjuring of all manner of consequence should they openly reject the religion, life itself is on the edge due to the inner struggle with imminent threat avoidance. What freaking kind of life is that? Pass. I think that Islam's succeeding generations are eschewing it at a rate that we are now seeing in an exponential state of growth. I think one day it will become the antithesis of its origins and take to the world a passion for harmony few of the so-called western cultures have ever experienced. I'll be dust but for the species it's a comforting thought.

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Atheists in the Middle East

Atheists in the Middle East are few to none, or so authorities would like people to believe. The reality is that there is too little freedom of speech and expression there for anyone to know....

A Saudi Arabian man who posted videos of himself disparaging the Prophet Muhammad and renouncing Islam on Twitter had his second appeal against a 2015 death sentence denied earlier this week. Unquote.

Lack of freedom of speech and expression is the hallmark of a backward country and an ignorant society.

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