Are You Telling Me Its MY Fault?

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Are You Telling Me Its MY Fault?

These "holy" books having all kinds of awful verses, obviously immoral and contradictory verses left and right, having to have "faith" that god exists with no proof, no god ever showing themselves to anyone, no religious people themselves ever giving any evidence that's even slightly intelligent...

and you're telling me it's somehow MY fault for not believing in a god? And on top of that, I go to hell for not believing a god exists? (-_-)

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Stu, ol' boy, you catch on

Stu, ol' boy, you catch on QUICK. Of course it is your own fault, you silly goose. Because you certainly can't blame GOD for your non-belief. HE is perfect and never makes mistakes, remember? So it is obviously some deviant flaw induced by YOU while using your own Free Will with which God so generously blessed you. And, alas, you most certainly cannot blame poor ol' Satan, either. Because if you believed in God and trusted in His power, then that sneaky-eeky no-good dirty so-n-so Lucifreshious meanie Devil dude would have no power over you whatsoever. Oh, and just because God gave you a brain and a strong sense of logic and reason, it did not necessarily mean he really wanted you to USE IT. So, you see? It was all just a big test, and you failed it by using critical and independent thinking, and allowing logic and reason to lead you astray. Shame on you. Bad Stu. K.!... Bad Stu.! *uses spray bottle to squirt Stu with water*

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Stu. K.,

Stu. K.,

"no god ever showing themselves to anyone,"According to the biblical fairy tale Moses spoke to Yahweh face to face. Yeshua was supposed to be God and everyone saw him.

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It is difficult to see why

It is difficult to see why theism considers belief in god to be a moral act.

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Well, maybe {God} is one big

Well, maybe {God} is one big ass-hole of a dude, (or maybe there is no god).

But suppose we pretend that there is a god, let's call {him} {God}. Let's suppose that {God} has some pretty awesome powers, like {he} knows everything it's possible to know, from the beginning of time and before, until . . . well forever. And suppose {God} is super duper powerful, and can do anything which doesn't defy logic - for example {he} somehow made the universe.

Suppose that this fellow {God} can exist outside time, (don't analyse that, you'll get a headache). So somehow, before the universe, and before time began this chappie {God} was perhaps bored one day and said to {himself}: " {Me} know*, {I} think {I'll} make a universe".

So {God} in his wisdom thought about what {he'd} like in the universe, and {he} said, (to himself of course): "{I'll} make some humans, and I'll make diseases, but {I'll} make there be doctors, who can cure diseases - well some of them any way".

"Oh, and {I'll} command the humans to praise and love and believe in {me}, but {I'll} hide myself well, so that some people won't believe. Oh yeah, and {I'll} punish those who don't get the deal, though {I'll} send down to earth a dude called Jesus, as a proxy".

"And {I'll} make a human, and he'll go by the handle 'Stu. K.', and he won't believe in {me} or Jesus. Yeah {I} could possibly make my universe not have a Stu. K. in it at all, or I could possibly make it have a nice Stu. K., who'll believe in {me} or my lad Jesus, or I could possibly make it have a naughty Stu. K. And he'll be StucK.

But {I'll} still blame Stu. for his naughtiness, even though {I} could arrange for him to never exist, or to be a {God}-loving geezer. But NO, stuff it, {I'll} make it that way, with a naughty heathen Stu., and then blame poor hapless StucK Stu. K., and punish the sucker for {my} decision."

'Oh yeah!' Then "God" made that there universe which {he} foresaw with {his} complete knowledge and mighty power.

* = {He} couldn't say > you know <, because there were no yous then. So it's " {Me} know".

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Yep, your fault - Pascal's

Yep, your fault - Pascal's Wager.

That is exactly what the Christian mind is telling you. Great Question.

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That's the claim, however it

That's the claim, however it's absurdly unevidenced as you point out. So rationally there's as much chance that a deity is testing it's pets in order to weed out the stupid gullible and superstitious ones.

Pascal's wager anyone?

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you don't believe?? you go to

you don't believe?? you go to hell..
you're a rapist/murderer etc. but you believe??.. you'll be saved..and go to heaven...

hahaha...somethings wrong here...
dumb system if you'd ask me...

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@Stu. K.

@Stu. K.

Hey, Stu, maybe you could get some good guidance from any of these three agencies.

Oh, hey, Myk! You might enjoy this one!


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