An atheist must be a speciesist..!

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An atheist must be a speciesist..!

A humanocentric approach to life grows out of religious hierarchy which sets a superhuman above other humans and calls him god. The direct consequence is that his subjects think all other animals are of a lower status or simply exist for man's pleasure and feeding.

Distancing oneself from this position and being rabidly atheist like myself, dictates that we also become speciesist.

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I disagree but I understand

I disagree but I understand your anger. I prefer that I be a humanist and a naturalist somewhat and within reason to both. I too believe that animals share the same status as humankind and should be respected. I don't believe in hunting or anything that is for gratification of humans that exploit or harm animals.

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I agree. One of the things

I agree. One of the things that angers me most is people saying "animals can't think" or "they don't have feelings" when they fail to realize that we, too, fit into the description of "animal".

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It's also interesting to see

It's also interesting to see what happens when you replace the word religions with animals in your paragraph. Thought provoking.

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Once I realized that I was

Once I realized that I was created by nature through a process called evolution and am kin to all living things I became protective of my source of life. Fragile as it is.

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