Atheists, I challenge you to debunk this video! A Hindu meeting Jesus!

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Atheists, I challenge you to debunk this video! A Hindu meeting Jesus!
This video takes place in India. A Hindu Maharishi has a dream that he must meet a particular man at a particular location. In the dream, he is shown a picture of that man.
The man mentioned above (believer in Jesus) also has a dream in which he is instructed to meet the Maharishi. He is even told the colour of the clothes that the Maharishi will wear.

The next day, they search for each other and find one another. They confirm that these dreams were true, and then the Christian man tells the Hindu man about Jesus. Now, the former Hindu man is a Christian. The video does better at explaining the story than I do. I feel that this is proof that Jesus is the true God and I doubt anyone can disprove this.

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Well let's see how

Considering the other videos on that channel (some listed below), you'll have to forgive me for not taking that video seriously:
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ok but what about this video?

ok but what about this video? How can you explain the dreams going hand in hand with one another? Watch the video, there is actual footage of the two men meeting each other!

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"How can you explain the

pork222 - "How can you explain the dreams going hand in hand with one another?"

Lying? Exaggeration? Coincidence?

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@ pork222

@ pork222

So, you want us to try to disprove claims, hearsay only, about dreams that a couple of people have had?

There is nothing in this video to debunk.
It's all just a small amount of hearsay: unsubstantiated information.

If you believe this video, you might as well believe in all the videos that "prove" countless miracles of conflicting faiths: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism as well as Wiccan and other New Age movements.
And of course all the videos proving aliens, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the Lochness Monster, Djinns, ghosts, el Chupacabra, the Yeti and so on.

Just because it's presented as "This is the amazing true story..." doesn't actually verify that it is true.

When you watch something like this, you have to watch it without just taking what someone says as truth. It doesn't even have to be that someone is lying for untruths to be told. If someone is convinced he is telling the truth, he is not lying, but there is no guarantee that what he is saying is true.

The video starts with "Ravi had told us that morning, that God had shown him a man who we were supposed to find."

The commentator "Sam" and the other person "Ravi", do you trust everything they say to be not only truthful but objectively true?

Sam: "You are staring in the face of a miracle"

I saw nothing that showed any miracle. Assuming this isn't all just a sham with actors, assuming that the Guru actually converted to Christianity while they were filming, at the very same moment that happened there were many others changing their faith stance between different religions and out of religions, including to and from Christianity.
Are all of those also miracles?

Ravi: "Obviously he is performing miracles too! Some headaches and stomach aches that he has been dealing with." ... " He has been prophesying it seems and he has been foretelling things about what is happening tomorrow... the future."

So, he not only converted suddenly, he also became a person who is given power by God to heal and to see into the future.

pork222, do you believe that this man, Maharaishi can heal and see the future?
If so, what do you base that on?

[Edited with some grammar and spelling corrections]

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"there is actual footage of the two men meeting each other!"...

but there is no footage of their dreams....... just the voice of the film maker....

Now what can we find out about him ?????

Planet Zion.....

I am just another unnamed servant of Christ trying to reach out and spread the Gospel. My desire is to point as many people that I possibly can to the Son of God, Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:3, 4). I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. I believe that God is a Merciful God but is also a God of Justice and hates sin (Psalms 7:11). And my videos touch on various topics to evangelize to others in accordance to the Great Commission. If this Channel and its videos have touched you in anyway please like the videos, save the playlists, and more importantly share the videos with your friends and family. This channel is still a work-in-progress so please return for later updates. Joel 3:16: The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel....

and just in case you missed it.....

"And my videos touch on various topics to evangelize to others in accordance to the Great Commission."

So...just another snake oil sales man...... selling the product...

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You need to change your status. You are not an atheist so quit representing yourself as such.
About the video. It proves nothing. It's a story and nothing more.

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I saw a video that proved a

I saw a video that proved a homicidal time-traveling robot with an Austrian accent was killing people in Los Angeles. Can you debunk that? I saw another video that proved that a comedian called Tim Allen was the real Santa Claus. Can you debunk that? Can you debunk the video evidence that the archangel Michael looks just like the lead character in Pulp Fiction, or that Buddha looks just like Keanu Reeves?

Videos are wonderful. They can prove or disprove anything you like. But when you start to believe everything you see on your screen, you should probably think about getting some psychiatric help.

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God reveals Himself in dreams

God reveals Himself in dreams sometimes. Just sayin...

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I still think you forget your

I still think you forget your talking to atheists sometimes, Hawk.

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"God reveals Himself in

"God reveals Himself in dreams sometimes. "

I'm sure it does. Who knows what's lurking down in the depths of our subconscious minds?

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No he doesn't.

No he doesn't.

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Let me get this straight. We're supposed to fly to India, track down these two dudes, verify their dreams, establish their meeting place and time, track down the cameraman, check the film for tampering, check the cameraman for honesty, check to see if that Hindu really became a Christian, and if we fail to do all that you claim the whole thing as proof for Jesus!! This is WRONG ON SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS! Funny, that the Hindu guy never wins out in these stories told by Christians.

If you really think that this is proof for Jesus, then I can only reach one conclusion. You are a moron.
At least the evidence you provided suggests as much. I'm prepared to change my opinion if new evidence indicates otherwise.

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I'm glad you brought your 50.

I'm glad you brought your 50. Caliber MG mindset, but please be careful where you point it, Greensnake.

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I'll try to remember to check

I'll try to remember to check to see if the background is free of innocents!

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Personal revelation is not

Personal revelation is not good evidence for anyone else. Dreams are not good evidence of anything, Jesus what a stupid challenge.

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Heresay is the weakest

Heresay is the weakest evidence, its often not even permissible in court as evidence.
You can't judge solely on the basis of hearsay.
your argument is void without more concrete proof.

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