To believe or not believe, what was/is your journey?

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To believe or not believe, what was/is your journey?

This video is describes the journey many people experience from childhood to adulthood. See if you can relate and please share your reactions below:

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Nice video, but yet another

Nice video, but yet another half hour of my life wasted reading the comments section in Youtube. Creationists and bible-thumpers trying to use science and logic to explain their beliefs, I lose intelligence every time I read them. I can't help it, it's like a circus sideshow, you just have to take a look.

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I've always joked about

I've always joked about writing my own browser/browser plugin that displays youtube pages without the comments. It is the trailer park of the internet.

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Geez, there's a lot of drama

Geez, there's a lot of drama associated with the breaking of traditional belief systems. I have none of that and it's very awkward for me to give any of it my time or lend an ear of empathy. I figure the move is as natural as a person's next breath, if it's genuine. It shouldn't be something that affects anyone emotionally at all because it's a logical mindset rather than an emotional gut wrenching moment.

Am I in the right place to be an atheist? The stories read like the religious silliness I gratefully divested myself of in my youth.

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I am sorry you seem to

I am sorry you seem to believe that a major change in lifestyle and the possible loss of friends and family should not be emotional in the least, not all of us are as devoid of emotions and feelings as a robot, and many closet atheists actually come here for support that is both psychological and emotional. If you find other peoples personal stories so annoying and useless, I wonder why you bothered to enter a thread devoted to such a topic, that would seem to be an utter abortion of logic on par with being a creationist of the Young Earth variety.

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Our own journey is very

Our own journey is very important to us that we find others' to be not relevant to ours. However, we should accept the fact that we can learn from others' opinions and mistakes too.

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