The Bible Will Soon Be a Textbook in Some Kentucky Public Schools

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The Bible Will Soon Be a Textbook in Some Kentucky Public Schools

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Catalogue it as ... Fiction .

Catalogue it as ... Fiction ........... subsection ........ Fantasy.

(Alternatively..... store it in the Utility Cupboard...... along with the other Toilet Supplies.)

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Christian persistence

Christian persistence indoctrinating kids is aggravating. I hope FFRF and ACLU are just as adamant in opposing this crap.

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The Bible's totally

The Bible's totally unsuitable for kids. There's more violence than Rambo, more cruelty than de Sade, and more sex than Fanny Hill.

Here's a good homework assignment for kids. List every positive reference to rape, genocide and slavery in the Bible.

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You know they will skip the

You know they will skip the murder, rape, and slavery. Only the good stuff.

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@Xenoview: "Only the good

@Xenoview: "Only the good stuff."

That is the good stuff. Everything else is an insomnia cure.

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Now that I think about it, your right about the good stuff.

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I took a job in Kentucky,

I took a job in Kentucky, just east of Lewelv'l (Louisville) back in '03. Not my idea of a compatible demographic. My wife actually said, after we got there, she understood why there was an "ucky" in Kentucky. Anyway, I had an inspection of the facility I ran one day from another company that contracted work to us. It was a Quality Auditor coming down from across the river in Ohio. He was 2 hours late. When he arrived and after introductions all around in a meeting room, he apologized for his tardiness. He quipped that he was detained by the Kentucky State Police at the state line because they were searching his car for contraband like textbooks. No one in the room laughed. Then he said "Hey, it was a joke not a dick. Don't take it so hard."

Ohioans and Kentuckians do not play well with the latter being Ohio's banner child for in-breeding. I did my time there and took the first ticket out. Way too bible-stoopid for me. The people I worked with were not stupid. They just over-played the dumb redneck role with extra sauce in their exaggerated drawl.

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Kentucky has never been known

Kentucky has never been known as a hotbed of intelligence. I mean it IS the home of the Ark Park.

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My real problem with this is

My real problem with this is the fact that they are willing to let a bible become historical "fact"", but if another religion tried the same then those people would lose their shit. That is simply unfair. I say all religions should be studied in school or none at all. That way at least younger children can learn about these religions and later make an informed decision for themselves.

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That would work. Okay class

That would work. Okay class here is 10 different major religions, all making slightly different crazy unsubstantiated claims, you guys get to pick one of them as the "correct" one, OR, you can choose none of them, that you need evidence before you believe wild and crazy thoughts and ideas, like everything else in life.

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I'm thinking someone will sue

I'm thinking someone will sue and this will head to the Supreme Court.

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It's all about context really

It's all about context really. I think an elective class about the Bible isn't a bad idea but it needs to be focused on all religion, not just a single book, for purposes of actually teaching something. If I'd had the chance to study religion in school I would have taken it ... and remained an atheist. An atheist with better arguments.

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FFRF already on top of things
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The only biblical passage

The only biblical passage suitable for school kids is Proverbs 1:10-19.

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The Bible is an integral part

The Bible is an integral part of history, and has helped shape the world we live in today. It should not be taught as a religious text, but as a historical document.

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