Biblical events Downunder

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Biblical events Downunder

Australia. Beautiful one day, roaring inferno the next....drowning floods the day after...and then come the snakes.

And not a single god blessed snake handler to be found amongst our unique breed of Pentacostalists. What a waste.

And to top it all off, in the usually sunny state of Queensland, the floods have carried crocodiles out of the rainforest beyond their usual abodes.

There are reports of crocodiles in the streets and in front yards, common enough in Queensland but not as a single widespread event. There are stories of one crocodile trying to climb a tree to escape the water and another of a guy who found a crocodile taking refuge on the roof of his house. He had wondered why the possums were so quiet that night.

Egypt had it easy.

And our Pentecostal Pharaoh, touring the flooded areas, hardened his heart against any suggestions that the recent disasters had anything at all to do with climate change, preferring to concentrate on this fortuitous photo-op that it is hoped will deflect attention away from criticisms against his government's mismanagement and corruption.

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Morriscum and the whole crew

Morriscum and the whole crew are corrupt and couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. Leadership is a foreign concept to Scotty from Marketing, lies, more lies and misogyny are much more his bag.

We should send the lot to Christmas Island Gulag and ask if we can please borrow NZ's Prime Minister for a year or two.

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Floods and snakes and

Floods and snakes and crocodiles oh my--------Nobody has mentioned cane toads for a bit, too hard basket?

So glad I live in Adelaide South Oz where there is presently the lightest sprinkle of rain. So glad I live right where I am .

Very unlikely I will ever be flooded. I know this to be true because 2 years ago my insurance company told me I am now covered against floods, at no extra cost. .Thank goodness for that .My house is halfway down a hill..Comes a flood, it slides into the creek, about 2 hundred metres below.

BUT, if there is ever a bushfire which gets into the linear park along the creek, I'm buggered. Have an exit plan; fire gets within 5 km of my house, I'm 'outta here, with major ,some papers and my laptop . Fuck those dickheads who stay to defend their house. --- It's only a house, an object, and can be replaced. Not insured? El Fucking Stiffo. Still not worth anyone's life.

A lot of our bushfires have been started deliberately. I reckon there might be the odd cocky who shoots any bastard he catches doing that. Nor do I have any problem with people caught looting one's house becoming shot.

I have a dark sense of humour. Recently saw an NCIS episode. A couple were going around stealing package delivered and left on front porches. In this episode, young woman steals a largish package. They drive off. Young lady opens package and---Kerboommmm!! Large explosion engulfs their 4x in flames-- -Laugh, nearly shit myself.

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@Cranky Re: "...young woman

@Cranky Re: "...young woman steals a largish package. They drive off. Young lady opens package and---Kerboommmm!! Large explosion engulfs their 4x in flames-- -Laugh, nearly shit myself."

Sounds like you and I have a very similar sense of humor... *chuckle*...

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@ Cranky
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@ Old man shouts; I stand

@ Old man shouts; I stand corrected. Seems I too was conned. Not the first time, probably won't be the last .

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As long as the cockatoos are

As long as the cockatoos are safe, everything is right with the world.

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@ Cog

@ Cog

Cockatoos of all kinds are always safe except when man interferes with their habitat. In the face of any threat they fly off screaming "fuck off you C--T" in Cockatoo dialect and shitting all over your nice car.

I have a friend as a cockatiel ( we call em weiros) loves my wife to bits and has to have a morning whistle session with me every day.

I had a Pink Galah that never swore except when angry with anyone poking at him. He terrorised my two cats and neighbours children. Only ever ever gave way to a cockerel.

Sulphur crested like Grinseed are as intelligent as a four year old and just as feisty when roused. My stepson had a red tailed black cockatoo who made besties with my jack Russell ( previous cat god stayed aloof from this relationship) and fuck me they are cleverer than Sulphur crested and much bigger.

Australian parrots are just amazing, my wife has always wanted a male Lexus.....beautiful. Where we live we have long bill Corella, Galah, Lorikeet, 28s and more.

The most beautiful sight I ever saw was a million plus budgerigar ( parakeet) flock up in the Pilbara desert after rain...coming in to to water. Amazing.

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Old man shouts ...

Old man shouts ...
Parrots are my favorite pets. I owned a Moluccan Cockatoo for years. I also had an African Grey, a Yellow Naped Amazon, and a Mexican Red Head.

I almost had a Military Macaw.... It's a long story. The bird committed suicide.

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