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Big Bang

What do you think about the recently discovered evidence supporting the Big Bang and/or multiverse?

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I find the cosmic inflation

I find the cosmic inflation evidence very interesting and have been following it. The fact that it has now been proven as it was always suspected to exist, opens the ability to peer back in time in a way we have never been able to before. So yeah pretty interesting stuff, I can't wait to hear what comes of it.

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They're talking about Nobel:)

They're talking about Nobel:)

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The big bang theory is wrong.

The big bang theory is wrong. The redshift in the light from galaxies and stars is due to the light increasing in wavelength as its travels in accordance with the tired light theory. You might like to take a look at the essay "A Physicalist Perspective of the Fundamental nature of the Universe". This is located at

There is a link at the bottom of this essay to one called "An Introduction to the Paradigm of Types through its application to Cosmology and Biology". This is located at

In the Biology section you will find the basis for the construction of Biology from chemistry which involves a complex combination of 16 individual chemical types.

With proof that Biology is created from chemistry, the need for a god of any type becomes redundant.


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I have never been happy with

I have never been happy with the ides that the red shift in light is caused by objects moving away at great speed. With the discoveries of dark matter and energy could not some form of intergalactic friction be slowing light down. When it passes through the medium of water it slows from 186,000 miles a second to about 140,000. The Big Bang theory fits too well with creationist ideas.

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The Big Bang provides serious

The Big Bang provides serious evidential support for theological implications about God and the creation of the Universe.
The observation of galaxy redshift, the detection of the CMB (cosmic microwave background), and the new discoveries are all reaffirming the validity of the inflationary Big Bang model of the origin of the Universe.

However, the Big Bang is not evidence for a multiverse; we don't really have any. It's merely speculation at this point. All models which posited a past-eternal Universe have failed. Most contemporary cosmologists accept that the Universe and it's properties came into being at the moment of the Big Bang.

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I would argue the same thing

I would argue the same thing about God as in the creator of the universe you do about the multiverse. Just speculation at this point.

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Yes, creating a mulitverse

Yes, creating a mulitverse sounds like a very daunting task. I never believed in the Big Bang Theory (and I really don't like the show either) as it was originally written. The basic foundations of it are valid, but the execution has always sounded wrong to me.

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Whew! And I thought I was the

Whew! And I thought I was the only person who didn't like that show :)

I've got no beef with the Big Bang theory in essence though, but to declare it as the definitive beginning of everything just never made sense to me. It's just a piece of the puzzle - a very important piece to be sure, but we're not done yet!

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I used to follow things like

I used to follow things like this "religiously" but then it became more of the same old. Now that this new evidence helps support a more logical approach to what happened, it might become more interesting to me and I will have to keep an eye on the findings and what they mean to the future of our universe.

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