the big lie: evolution, the beasts: darwin, hitler and nero.

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@cristian_gavrilescu: EVEN

@cristian_gavrilescu: EVEN CHRISTIANS EVOLVE - it's just that they do it in a much slower rate than the resto of us.

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@Cog Re: "EVEN CHRISTIANS EVOLVE - it's just that they do it in a much slower rate..."

You forgot to mention they also do it in reverse.... *thoughtful look*... Oh, wait... Isn't there already a term for that?... Hmmm... *tapping chin with index finger*...

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Looking for Babylon Five clip, in which Londo Mollari divorces two of his three wives. Can't find it.

ON meeting him for the first time in ages, the oldest wife and the one he keeps says with delicious sang froid " You've devolved"

Just popped into my head when I read your post. I don't know why .

You know, I always thought devolution was impossible. Then I got a good look at some of the neanderthals playing Aussie rules. You know; tall, one eyebrow, no neck, mouth breathers, arms slightly too long for their body. Going by TV interviews, they have not mastered the ability of abstract thought. Like to get shit faced and abuse women. On retirement from footy, they become inarticulate sports commentators, car Salespersons or the proprietor of a sporting goods store.

Because I'm fond of Occam's razor I guess it's more likely that neanderthals have survived and live among us in small numbers. I'm sure you will be able to think of some examples without much effort.

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I'm late to this thread, but

I'm late to this thread, but this is going to be fun.

Let's take a look at this shall we?

you believe people who are paid to prove evolution and they can't

You're a moron. Evolution is a observed fact, observed as having taken place in thousands of lineages of living organisms in tens of thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers. This includes papers documenting the generation of speciation events in the laboratory.

the fossils are dating with earth layers, and the earth layers are dating with fossils

This is a blatant creationist lie. Strata are dated using radiometric dating, which is accurate and definitive. Don't even think of posting lies and bullshit on this topic, because I'll destroy them with ease.

carbon dating or other dating are not accurate

Blatant creationist lie. I'll have fun destroying this in a future post. Meanwhile ...

Tere is no proof about evolution

Blatant creationist lie. 1½ million peer reviewed scientific papers, documented direct experimental test and validation of evolutionary postulates, and the observance of evolutionary processes occurring in living organisms say you're lying.

if you want to prove evolution, make life in the laboratory

Oh look, another idiot creotard who doesn't understand the difference between evolution and abiogenesis.

Evolutionary theory postulates what happens once reliably replicating entities exist. For the emergence thereof, you turn to a different discipline, namely organic chemistry. Courtesy of the fact that life IS chemistry writ large. Millions of chemical reactions are taking place in your body right now, and if some of those reactions stop, you DIE.

Oh, and by the way, organic chemists have demonstrated that every chemical reaction postulated to be implicated in the origin of life works. there are over 100,000 papers in the literature documenting the relevant experiments.

we have the same designer

Bullshit,. You don't know what it takes to convert the tiresome creationist "design" assertion into something other than the product of your rectal passage, and I've never met a mythology fanboy who does.

As for your wank-break regurgitation of the unsupported assertions from your goat herder mythology, those of us who paid attention in class are merely pointing and laughing at you for doing so. Which might have something to do with an embarrassing fact you won't dare address - namely, that the piss-stained Bronze Age incels who scribbled your diseased mythology, were too stupid to count correctly the number of legs that an insect possesses, and thought genetics was controlled by coloured sticks.

Quite simply, you're merely the latest ignorant tosser to come here peddling this repeatedly destroyed bullshit. My tropical fish would point and laugh at your excremental and encephalitic vomitings here, let alone any human beings with functioning neurons. The drivel you've posted would be considered grounds for your being declared insane in any properly constituted developed society.

Here's a challenge for you, moron. I can bring to the table any of several thousand peer reviewed scientific papers to back up the relevant postulates, while all you have is "my mythology says so, therefore it's true". Let's see if you can point to ONE genuine peer reviewed scientific paper from a reputable journal, that ends with the conclusion "we need a cartoon magic man from a goat herder mythology to explain this". Your failure to do so will provide much amusement here among the people who paid attention in class.

Oh, and while you're at it, let's see if you're merely another mythology fanboy Internet mouth on a stick, and let's see you fail to provide genuine evidence for the fatuous "design" assertion. I'll particularly enjoy seeing your public humiliation on this one.

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