Big Questions of life

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Big Questions of life

Hi I am doing a different World View Interview, I would like to touch 7 basic questions of life and what each one of you believe in.

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Hello sofial-pez.

Hello sofial-pez.

What are the seven "big questions of life"? What's a World View Interview?

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I'm game, Sofia. Spring the

I'm game, Sofia. Spring the questions on us. As Atheists are defined by a single feature, being our disbelief in deities, you'll no doubt receive a varied set of responses. But a number of us have glistening, polished worldviews that we love to show off. So let's have those questions...

Oh, and by the way. If this is some cheesy internet-supplied set of heard-it-a-thousand-times set of questions then perhaps you'll understand if some of us lose interest. But for now I'm all ears.

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If you want answers, you

If you want answers, you should ask your almost certainly loaded questions.

BTW: it is not uncommon for religious institutions to give their students a questionnaire to interview people of different world views as an assignment (and oftentimes proselytize to them). I got a funny story about it, but now isn't the time.

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So ask away, but I warn you,

So ask away, but I warn you, I don't take well to proselytizing. I don't answer "push-polls".

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