Black Holes

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Black Holes

Everybody should watch this:

BTW for the current scientific community majority infinity is a bad thing

For some, infinity is quite logical.

Any comments?

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An oldie but a goodie.

An oldie but a goodie.

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I'm interested about black

I'm interested about black holes and anything about space. Even though I'm religious, I'm still amazed with the discoveries of scientists about certain facts about space. Thanks for sharing the video.

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My idea is that infinity

My idea is that infinity might actually be the correct answer.

it is just that we are accustomed to receive an answer that we expect.

maybe what we are expecting is wrong or based on wrong assumptions?

Why do we expect a finite number?

We are used to deal with finite things, so our science is evolved around finite things.

What if our understanding of infinity is still 200 years old and thus when our forumlas point us to an infinity we think it is wrong?

if one starts to analyse everything around us in depth, one is amazed to realize that there are more infinities around us then finite things.


Number 1

you might thing it is finite.
But in reality it has more inite atributes then finite.

1 is a whole number, it has a boundary.

-it can be divided an infinite number of times
-it can be multiplied an infinite number of times and remain 1
-it is the divisor of an infinite number. (eg 400/1= 400, 236/1 = 236, infinity/1= infinity)

A chair:

it has a finite number of atomes that make up the chiair

those atoms contain infinite amout of energy
those atoms can be divided to infinity
the atoms of the surface of the chair has an infinite number of pointing outwards angles.

and so on.

So if were ignored the infinity we constantly experience for so many years it comes at no wonder that we are not ready to deal with infinity when it pops up in out in our most complex mathematics and physics.

I think that the formula is either incomplete or the answer is correct or both.

I think it is both.

if one thinks hard about it, we are too used to finite boundaries because they are the things we see.

What if we are living in a loop of infinities and every black hole we see is the outside of yet an other universe.

That would explain why our universe is black just like a black hole.

It might just be that in very black hole there are more black holes and it goes on to infinity like that with multiple black holes and multiple universes.

Nassim Haramein Holofractographic Universe Theory

He is one of those physicists that came up with a solution to a unified theory to the video I provided but was unrecognized by the scientific community even though he guessed the correct size of the proton before they did. (1 year before in his paper that he published)

They mostly shunned him because he is a ufologist and studied ancient history and derived his formulas from geometric patters preserved in ancient history.

I think he is onto something, and deserves attention.

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Did you know its possible to

Did you know its possible to use math to tell which of two infinities is bigger than the other, that one blew me away.

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