Blips, Paths and Insignificance by Robert Peters

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Blips, Paths and Insignificance by Robert Peters

Hey everyone,
I know this isn't so much a debate topic as a viewpoint, but I would be interested in starting a conversation about the following idea. Please share your thoughts if you are so inclined.

Blips, Paths and Insignificance by Robert Peters

I see myself as huge, for in my experience I encompass much of the second to second of my life.
I see myself as small, 1 in billions, a questionable cog, questionable lineage, questionable path.
I see myself as insignificant, stuck on a rock, hurtling at amazing speed, huddling around the fire of a flaming ball of nuclear fission. That ball, tiny when compared to the others in our little group.
I'm just a blip of a blip, our group, rather midish-range per all we can see, never knowing if it all still exist, the photons streaming, fighting light pollution over eons, ages, light-years and all other that stand.
I feel microscopic, for what percentage of 14ish billion is 70 or so for female or male. A single beat in the life of a heart.
I am lost, I know facts are subjective and often will change due to the observer and the technique utilized and the limit of the knowledge used to come to any conclusion...

I am microscopic, but I know those 14 all fell into line, tick by tick. From what's believed to have been basically nothing, hidden in a point. No time, space, progression, to 1+1 making 2, to all we see, know and are ignorant of.
I'm just a blip of a blip, but not really, that midish-range group is just a step forward. A system based again on 1+1 equaling 2.
I am insignificant, but in the death throes of all near from the long past is a blip of a piece of me. I am small, 1 part of 7+ billion strong. But like the tiny ball, our Sun, I am a part of the group, a cell in the body that makes up my group, a part, significant?, probably not, but maybe. I know however, I could very much be cancerous at least to immediate surroundings. Kill maim and hurt, with little regard, we all can, and again due to its subjectivity, the fact is we do... Or I can be beneficial amongst the minutia, a helpful cell trying to keep the machine working and functioning. The nature of this cog, questionable it may be is only a part of the "great plan" I hope for and work towards with each tick. As for linage, questionable or not, a single, unbroken path had to have walked form initiation to the words I am writing. From initial chemicals combining to 9/3/2018, die off after die off, over billions of years, not to mention the need for previous stars to form, fly and fade to get the first steps, stepping. Blips begating blips.
I am nothing only when seen with faulty equipment, for in my reality, my facts, I believe that we all have the ability to add that little bit, genetic, philosophical or otherwise, to make the whole a better whole, a helper cell making its own little spot as good a spot as it can.

Good luck out there.

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We give our lives meaning and

We give our lives meaning and purpose.

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That quote is more poetry

That quote is more poetry than fact, and it covers a lot of ground. In fact, it bounces from the astronomically large to the infinitesimally small. IMO it is more mind-fuck word salad rather than a discourse on philosophy or reality.

When you read it you can come away with a multiple set of conclusions. That quote really doesn't go anywhere or reach any new conclusions. I have seen the same level of dialogue from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Bill: So-cratz - "The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing".

Ted: That's us, dude.

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This seems to be some kind of

This seems to be some kind of new-wave bullshit to me.

As Aron Ra once said (paraphrased): "If you wish to give your life meaning, make someone else's life meaningful."


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Shouldn't this be in the Atheist book club part of the forums.

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(responding to OP) This

(responding to OP) This reminds me of some of the dates I was on when I was younger.

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Ramblings of an Alcoholic,

Ramblings of an Alcoholic, directionless, vague, and attempting to encompass everything while missing specifics.

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@wgusapukc: I would be

@wgusapukc: I would be interested in starting a conversation about the following idea

What idea?

It sounds like a quote from a New Age bullshit generator.

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